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  1. trexon

    urban feel

    feed back is greatly appreciated
  2. trexon

    giving a portfolio a shot

    Sadly, the last day of school was two days ago.
  3. trexon

    giving a portfolio a shot

    Yeah I'm from NYC, but I'm also 16. A typical studio usually costs from 100-200$ for an hour or two. As a teenager you're typically not able to afford such a commodity with your personal money (hence why I'm trying to get an internship at a studio.) But I will definitely study up on the...
  4. trexon

    giving a portfolio a shot

    I don't have access to a studio so I wouldn't really be able to do formal portraits. Thank you for the feedback though, I'll study up about lighting.
  5. trexon

    giving a portfolio a shot

    I'm hoping to get an internship at a studio or with a wedding photographer. I'll take any internship dealing with photography though.
  6. trexon

    giving a portfolio a shot

    I recently started working on a portfolio which I may use for an internship application. Feedback is greatly appreciated. Tim Samadov
  7. trexon

    small shoot

    (feedback/rating would be heavily appreciated)
  8. trexon

    Pixmedics Photo Contest V (AKA: The big one)

    eyes don't age eyes don't age
  9. trexon

    is it possible to get a photography job in NYC for a 16 year old?

    Photography has been a serious hobby for me for about a year/a year and a half now. I do know that there are people with 10 times my experience who struggle to find a job but do you think I will be able to get an internship/job in the field of photography? Some of my work
  10. trexon

    Bird in flight

  11. trexon

    silhouettes (feedback is appreciated)

    my photo got cropped this is the original
  12. trexon

    silhouettes (feedback is appreciated)

    I went for an urban feel
  13. trexon

    Cannon 6D or Nikon D750

    Yeah I'm pretty sure I'm gonna go for a D750. Thank you for your feedback!
  14. trexon

    Cannon 6D or Nikon D750

    I'm planning to upgrade my camera soon and I'm stuck between a Cannon 6D or Nikon D750. I did research on both but I still want to hear people's opinion.
  15. trexon

    some 16 y/o from ny

    Hello all, Photography has been an interest of mine from an early age. I mainly shoot landscapes, abstracts, and portraits but I will do anything that comes to mind. I look forward to progress with you all! (Some of my past work)
  16. trexon

    an abandoned adventure (feedback is appreciated)