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  1. Bartley

    New B&W Fashion Editorial

    Hey all, New to the site and just found this BW forum. Here's a BW fashion editorial I did with one of Italys top models Erika Albonetti when she flew over to London for a shoot a little while back. Warning: Some of these shots contain nipples so view at your own discretion. Erika - Noir
  2. Bartley

    Two Kids on a Boat in the Philippines

    Shot on El Nido, Palawan, Philippines. Nikon D600. Nikon 24-70mm. No idea on settings, obviously it's a street shot so all lighting etc is natural.
  3. Bartley

    Mono Studio Shots

    Hey all, Just dropping by with some mono studio shots I snapped up yesterday. For the people interested in gear I shot these on a Sony A7rii with the Zeiss 55mm. The first shot was lit with a Bowens flash head the second set with a single ring light off to the side and a slight bit of ambient...
  4. Bartley

    First time posting properly.

    Hi all, I'm a professional fashion photographer who's new to the site and I thought I'd share a photo from a recent shoot with you all. Nice to meet y'all. Bartley
  5. Bartley

    New to the site. Professional fashion / portrait photographer saying hey.

    Hi all. Looking forward to interacting with you all.
  6. Bartley

    Hi. I'm a professional photographer specialising in fashion, portraits and events.

    Hey all. My name is Thom and I'm a professional photographer. I have two photography companies one which focuses on fashion photographer and another that focuses on events, commercial / business work. Just thought I'd say hey and drop a few photos for you all to take a look at. Looking...
  7. Bartley

    Hi, I'm a professional fashion photographer and I'm new here.

    Hi all, Just signed up and posting for the first time to say hey. I'm a professional photographer from Birmingham, UK. Here's a couple of portraits I shot today. Todays model has only just turned 16 but has already walked London and Milan fashion week so she ain't doing too badly.