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  1. mommyof4qteez

    Thriller Book Cover - Avery

    Wow...excellent work!
  2. mommyof4qteez

    Carolers by Mrs. Barbarian

    Love this!!
  3. mommyof4qteez

    The Moon

  4. mommyof4qteez

    The days after hurricane sandy

    Glad you're ok...those are images that reflect so much emotion...
  5. mommyof4qteez

    L-Lens vs. EF Kit No Sharpness Difference?!?!

    I love my 24-105...very sharp and quick :)
  6. mommyof4qteez

    Taking Pics of My 13 month old Son

    Lighting is pretty harsh...a couple look pretty oof...rubber ducky pic is the best imo....use the clone tool to fix any wrinkles in your backdrop...and duct tape to keep him still..haha nah, he's a boy, he'll break right out of the tape! Keep at it...practice, practice, practice! P.S. Cute lil...
  7. mommyof4qteez


    I do my winter shoots at parks, by the river, on a few bridges I know....go out and find some locations!!
  8. mommyof4qteez

    family session (large share)

    I like them...picked a beautiful time of day to shoot... I agree with you on the silhouette pic...the house does seem to tell a bit of a story....
  9. mommyof4qteez

    Please Help -- Question about DVD+R !!!

    Oh..and sip a bit of vodka while doing this as it helps to calm the nerves ;-)
  10. mommyof4qteez

    Please Help -- Question about DVD+R !!!

    Go to your my computer option off the start menu, go to the disk drive, right click and see if the disk has anything on it :)
  11. mommyof4qteez

    favorite lens?

    You won't regret purchasing the 24-105...that lens is on my camera quite often.. It cost so much here to rent the 70-200 f2.8 that it would be cheaper to buy it than rent it a few times lol
  12. mommyof4qteez

    favorite lens?

    I love my 85 1.8 too!
  13. mommyof4qteez

    favorite lens?

    Thanks for all the feedback..seems like the 70-200 f2.8 L is the clear favorite :)
  14. mommyof4qteez

    favorite lens?

    Reviews say the 85 1.8 is just as sharp as the 1.4... way more affordable too :)
  15. mommyof4qteez

    Another recent family session

    These look good...a couple looked a little too warm, but my guess is it's the graphics of my lovely cell....
  16. mommyof4qteez

    favorite lens?

    Right now my 24-105 f4 is my go to lens...I do only portrait photography... pretty sharp when used correctly... oh & I'm sure you knew, but just in case..always turn it's IS off when using it on a tripod for much sharper images :) sounds like alot of people are enjoying the 70-200 f2.8...heard...
  17. mommyof4qteez

    favorite lens?

    Do you ever do a family session with this lens? I just got this lens and so far have used it for single portraits, but it's so sharp, I really am thinking about trying jt out on a family session...