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    Seattle Great Wheel

    What are your thoughts on this? I like the composition and the reflections. It's a bit too motion blurred but I'm not sure why, I was taking it on a cheap tripod but I can't imagine that a cheap tripod shakes enough to cause visible blur? I was also hoping to get this shot with the wheel turning...
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    Difficult composition -- airplanes

    So I got this picture and I can't tell if it's a good composition or a bad one. Which probably implies the latter. I like the juxtaposition of the big plane under construction as the backdrop to a little Cessna. I like the Boeing insignia in places, and I like that there is some "mess" around...
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    Water homes

    So I went out and decided to try some night photography. Long exposures, tripod, etc... Here's what I got. What else can I do next time to make these better? Here's the first: And the second: I feel like there's a lot lacking here in terms of...
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    Seattle City Center - C & C

    Hi folks, any thoughts and or comments on these pictures? I really like the first one. (1) (2) (3) Any feedback is appreciated (a simple 'I like/hate it' even)
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    Photo ideas with a fast[er] lens

    Hey folks, I have a Canon T2i and I got the 50 mm / f1.8 canon lens. Does anyone have any suggestions for shots to try with this lens? Something that will help me get the most out of this lens. What is a good fast lens good for? (Beyond blurring out BGs in portraits etc...)
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    Bug - C&C

    I happened to see this guy while walking in the park, snaped the shot and liked it. Want some feedback. I was using a 50mm lens and not a macro lens. I know very little about macro.
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    Birds - C&C

    1. 2. 3. (Not a bird) I'm not sure which one to keep 1 or 2? I know I should've not cut off the feet but the pictures with the feet in didn't come out well for other reasons (motion blur). #3 is not interesting in terms of animal/pose but is an otherwise good picture, no? PS: I'm a...
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    Ducks - C&C

    1. 2. 3. 4. This is my first time posting in a gallery, so forgive me if I do it wrong. I'm not really into ducks, I just thought they were pretty cool subjects to experiment with photography and think about light, composition etc... (I'm a real beginner). In terms of processing...
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    Advice for new Canon lens for newbie.

    Hi folks, I'm a newbie Canon T2i owner. My birthday is coming up and I would like to upgrade my lens. I have a T2i and it came with a 18-55 kit lens. My pictures tend to be mostly of my kid and family (portraits) but I'd also like to get into architecture, planes, and some nature. I also would...