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  1. Lacrossedad

    Selling your photos as NFT's thru a Blockchain format

    Has anyone tried or thought of selling you pics by turning them into "non fungible tokens" ?? I have heard that there good and bad about this.....
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    Choose image size

    On Nikon cameras there is a setting that lets you extend any lens by choosing an image size of 1.3 of normal. The question is, does this setting lower the sharpness? Does it reduce the pixels on each image?
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    Debating selling at Art shows

    I know this has probably been talked about a lot but here goes nothing. What are some thoughts or experiences of getting some of your work printed and doing some art shows? I have some prior experience with my wife who did wood crafts and did pretty well. Is this a cluttered field? I do...
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    Finally got some Pics of Owls!!

    As a amateur bird photographer, I have always wanted to get some shots of owls. They are so majestic and hard to find. I have plenty of ducks, geese, swans, eagles and song birds, but never owls. Now here is the funny part, these were taken in my backyard. Not going into the office during this...
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    Ordering Prints or enlargements

    So who has everyone used and liked when ordering prints or enlargements? I have tried Canvass on demand and they were ok.
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    PC Suggestions

    So, I have finally got to the point that I am going to look for a new PC for my photography. I use Photoshop/Lightroom and have a separate drive for pic storage. What is everyone using for a PC these days? I know Apple is good for this purpose, but any other ideas?
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    Cloud Storage

    I have been getting back into photography and am at the point where I have a couple thousand shots that I want to preserve. I bought a separate memory drive for the computer, but I am still worried about losing these pics. Who uses I Cloud storage? Who does everyone use for I Cloud storage...
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    Outdoor's on cloudy days

    I am usually out in the marsh with my camera gear looking for waterfowl. I find that on cloudy days, the pics just don't have any pop and even with some editing, they just don't look good to me. Is there something I am missing or should I just wait for those full sunny days? I use PS/LR and...
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    Water marks on Pics

    I have never sold anything but friends and family have been asking for me to print some pics for them. Is there a way to put a watermark on a whole group of pics all at once so that is in the same spot on the pic and looks consistent? I do use PS/LR. I could spend hours looking, but this...
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    So, I am considering purchasing a 70-200 lens to balance out what I already have. Besides Nikon, has anyone had experience with other companies? I know and trust Nikon products but I also know there are other companies out there making lenses.
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    As someone who doesn't get out with his camera's enough, I tend to stay away from rainy weather. What is everyone's take on shooting in wet weather? I know there are some good pics to be taken on these rainy days, but I am always scared of what will happen to my equipment.
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    So, after raising the kids, I finally have been fortunate enough to get back into photography again. Wow has this changed since I used to develop my own B&W film. I bought the D500 on the recommendation of a local camera store. I was considering the then newly released D810 because of the...
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    I was in Havre de Grace Maryland and found some Canvasback trying to keep a hole in ice open.... I have a thing for pics with motion...
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    I was wondering how everyone handles storing their pics. Do you leave them in PS/LR?? I have a separate drive that I just replaced and I am used to storing all pics on that separate drive. Long ago I kept them on the actual PC and that just ate up to much storage space. I was just curious as...
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    A tough assignment

    So my father in law is a collector of canning labels and other canning industry stuff. He has come across a very rare label, but it is attached to the original can. This item is roughly 100 years old. He has asked me to take a pic of the label. He was asking if I could take a number of...
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    D500 Issues

    So here is my problem. I use a D500 and I bought the additional battery grip for it. I thought I would need it since I do a lot of wildlife stuff, I am out in the field or marsh for hours on end. When shooting in continuous, the will sometimes shutter freeze and I get an "ERR" message. I am...
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    Eastern Shore of Maryland

    I spent a day wondering around the eastern shore of Maryland.
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    Run ins with land owners or the police

    I am getting more and more into wildlife photography. I have found some really great areas near my home to do this, but the areas are marsh and some open fields. I worry about being on someone's property. I look for postings but don't ever see any. I made some efforts to find who owns some...
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    Not a good day to be a fish....