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    Ferromagnetic printing

    I've got a project where I need to print a poster-sized picture onto a ferromagnetic surface. Magnets will be placed on the print, similar to placing magnets on your fridge. All metal prints I've seen are on aluminum which is not ferromagnetic. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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    Working & Non-working Agfa Dlab 2 for sale

    For sale, a working Agfa Dlab.2s with a gas laser. Purchased in 2003 and has given 11 years of reliable service. Has a film scanner that was rarely used. Comes with 5 paper cassette boxes. I also have a non-working one that I've been cannibalizing for parts. Purchased about 6 years ago from a...
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    Spyder vs x-rite?

    I'm in the market for monitor calibration software/device with color grid. I'm torn between Spyder and x-rite. I like x-rites color checker passport over the Spyder one but ive been hearing more positive reviews about Spyders monitor calibration device, especially their bundle sets. I'm not...
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    My Initial HDR experiments...Vegas

    I would appreciate some feedback. I just started playing around with HDR and I'm still trying to find my niche. So far I've gotten positive feedback from friends and family but i would like to hear some unbiased opinions. Thanks!