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    One of my favorite panos.

    I like it as well. I like it for its simplicity and for the beautiful vivid blues and greens. Also the fact that the grassy area isn't exactly flat gives the scene a bit of depth. best
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    Nikon 50mm lens question

    The 35mm f/1.8 AF-S DX is another lens to keep in mind if you're investing in a prime lens and is priced quite reasonably. Works quite well on my D40x and D5000. best
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    Pontiac Muscle Car

    This is very nice! Composition and processing does a great job at showing the beautiful lines of that car. My only complaint is that it starts to get a little dark around the headlights and you can't see the wheels at all. It kinda looks like its floating. Otherwise this is great. best wishes...
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    Shapes, patterns and texture C & C

    Very nice! My favorite of the bunch is #5. I think its a really creative perspective. All it needs I feel is a little touching up to really make it pop and emphasize all the lines and shapes. This is kind of the way I saw it, I hope you don't mind.
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    some from today

    Im really liking #2. Only thing I would change is cropping it a bit tighter to get rid of some of the dead space on the right.
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    Ducks in Flight

    Great capture! Way to take advantage of the moment.
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    Acadia National Park in autumn

    First three pictures are stunning. The colors are so rich and vibrant. I especially like the composition and depth of those first 3 images.
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    2 for C&C

    The first picture is a bit busy and the tilting and perspective is just a bit too awkward personally. I can't see a defining subject and it looks out of focus. I agree, the DOF on #2 is very nice. Good use of the rule of thirds. Personally, I'd go black and white with that second one. best...
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    Heilan Coo

    What a great shot!! I saw a bunch of these this past summer on the Hairy Coo bus tour of the highlands in Scotland.
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    Opinion on a beginner camera

    Well that's the same one that Reznap already suggested except it is just the body and no lens. The Canon SX20 you posted before is a much better camera than the Kodak you posted in your 1st post. However, like Reznap already mentioned, the XS is a much better alternative to the Kodak and it only...
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    Put your edit pants on! free range edit!

    Really diggin MohaimenK's edit personally! Here's my rendition.
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    Few for C&C

    Hows this Bitter J ? A little better? I'll admit that when I initially took this picture I never wanted those windows to be blown out like that. I'm trying to learn how to develop well exposed and uniquely composed images. I guess it was a good accident that the picture ended up the way it...
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    Few for C&C

    Thank you John I will keep everything you mentioned in mind. Im going to have to toss out #2 after all. It just isn't working for me either. best wishes Thanks reznap! Yea that #2 is just not cutting it. Off to the recycle bin it goes. I appreciate your comments. best wishes
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    Few for C&C

    1. hehe Yes fill light was not the best option indeed. What is another way in addition to HDR to go about avoiding blown highlights like these? I'm not too familiar with HDR yet but am still learning. Would something like a ND filter help in this situation? 2. When I first saw this I...
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    Few for C&C

    1. I agree, how can I go about eliminating/reducing blown out parts like these in the future? 2. I can definitely see what you're saying about the color and the selective coloring. I'll keep that in mind. 3. What do you think of this new crop? I wish I could retake it though. Unfortunately I...
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    Few for C&C

    I'd like to see what you guys think about these pics. I would really appreciate some feedback on the composition or the technical aspects of the photographs. If they're boring, uninteresting or whatever feel free to say that. I shot these using my D40x 18-135mm || 35mm f/1.8 Many thanks for...
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    Does this selective colouring work?

    I really like the selective coloring in the first pic. I think it helps in giving the eyes a greater sense of intensity.
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    Fall Colors At Its Best

    Pretty nice shots. My favorite of the set is #3. It has good colors and the jagged form of the rock is pretty cool. best wishes
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    Absolutely Awesome!

    This is very nice. The colors are so vibrant! It looks like a painting almost. My only criticism is that the tree on the right is a bit distracting. I feel that if it wasn't there, it would really stretch and give a better view of the whole landscape. Either way its a great shot. best wishes
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    Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

    Stunning shot. The perspective is fantastic.