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    Concert Photography

    I'm looking into making a small job by shooting local bands if I can, I planned on making a myspace/facebook and then adding the bands, and telling them what i do. I'd have some work uploaded and a link to my flickr as well. My question lies here: What do I do for pricing? They are all...
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    help spend my christmas money :D

    haa time has come to buy some new toys! i've gotten sick of shotting with my 55-200 (yes, sadly its my only lens), and decided that i ned a new lens, or toys to make shooting less boring. so help me come up with a combo of toys, try to stay around 300-400 i guess 50 f/1.8 -or- 35 f/1.8 DX...
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    help me prove a point, thanks :)

    B&H photo is a great dealer, not going to sell any defective products or scam you, someone doesnt believe me trying to prove my point, thanks!
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    image viewing problem

    on my d70s i cant view my images, they are coming out with the tags on them, but just black. however, the camera is taking a picture. any help is appriciated(sp)
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    photo competitions

    i was wondering what are some photo competitions (of any style) that are running right now. i would hope they are free but whatever works. thanks
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    3 Questions. nikon people

    is there a battery grip that will work with my d70s? and what is a good lower priced, but faster 70-200 or so ish lens? I have been looking at the tameron and sigma. what is a good flash? yet again, cheap thanks
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    Sigma 150-500

    how fast does this focus? i have heard that it is not a very fast focusing lens. what are your opinions on it? i will be using it to shoot some sports so if it is not very fast suggest another larger lens under 900 please. thanks:D
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    your camera bag/kit!

    i have not found a thread like this, if there is, can you please post the link... i have d70s and 55-200mm lens w/ shade and filter, thats it. i want to hear or see what you have!
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    camera bags

    I am looking for a fairly large size shoulder strap bag. i have a d70 and i want it to be able to hold the camera and haev room for a few lenses and possibly a film camera. if it has a laptop slip great, if not whatever. i saw a bag in the new shutterbug (i think) magazine and i dont remeber...
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    first pics ever!!! d70s

    c and c please! -- the only pics there yet ;)
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    i find this fitting! oct. 31st

    anything you would find related to the magical day of endless candy!:lol::heart: best pumpkin pic gets a prize...:sexywink:
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    is there a way...

    that i can create fisheye pictures on a program of some sort. my school has cs3, but i will use whatever i can find
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    no u.s.?

    what does this mean when purchasing a camera? i am looking at some bodies and some of them say (non-U.S.)\ sorry, a photo newbie!:-P
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    help me choose!

    should i save a little more for a d40, or buy a used d70? i cant decide, it will be my first good camera, and i am just getting into photography. im 15 so dont go overboard with spec stuff, i just want to see which is a better deal thanks
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    first lens

    i am saving for a d40, and when i get it, i either want to get a cheap used fisheye(my local store) or a 70-300 zoom. which would you choose for action sports (snowboard/skateboard/bmx)?