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    An American Coot and Skunk Cabbage flowers

    Wandered down to Penn State Lake Perez today to see if the ice had melted. It mostly hadn't except for one shallow bay where I found the American Coot feeding by itself. Only the second time I'd ever seen one; weird looking bird. I can see why they call some folks crazy ol' coots. Walking along...
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    A River Runs Through It

    While not shot in Montana, but in Central Pennsylvania, when I looked at the photo, images from that great movie came to mind. This was shot with the Pentax K3iii using the SATOBI custom image the new firmware download provided.
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    New updates for KI, KII,KIII
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    Winter Bison

    Buried deep in the woods way back into the Allegheny Mountain plateau is a family that maintains a Bison ranch. Drove by yesterday and stopped to take a couple of photos. It had rained heavily, so the feedlot next to the barn was a muddy mess.
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    That first warm, sunny day

    after a long, dreary winter. Tallyrand Park, Bellefonte, PA.
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    Landmark GBH

    This guy, located on Spring Creek, is a landmark at Fly Fisherman's Paradise near Bellefonte, PA. I mean he's always there standing like a statue in the same spot every day, all season long. He starts to move towards sunset to feed. There must be about a thousand photographs of him; everyone...
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    Lomography Lomo400 120 film

    I really like Lomo100 and 400 in my 35mm cameras. Great colors, nice detail and small grain. When it comes to medium format I've always used either Porta160 or 400 with excellent results. When I noticed that Lomo was now offering the 400 in 120 format, I ordered 3 rolls based on my experience...
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    Christmas Day Mist

    It was 60 degrees here in Central Pennsylvania on Christmas Day, so I drove over to a local lake to do a bit of hiking. The difference between the air and water/ice temperatures had caused a low lying mist to form over the lake and shore, and people were walking about contemplating the sight or...
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    Last paddle

    On Black Moshannon Lake for the year. The lake, at 2150 ft ASL, is the first one around here to freeze. It was about 3/4 covered with a sheet of thin ice, but I launched anyway and managed to break through to some open water and paddle around for a bit, just to say goodbye. It was Thanksgiving...
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    First time in manual

    My neighbor down the road baled his cornstalks the other day. I was heading into town and decided to stop and see if, for once, I could get some shots that weren't totally boring. The afternoon sun was shining brightly where the field was, but the clouds were rolling in from the south pretty...
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    Driving through a small town

    Driving down the main drag of Tyrone, Pennsylvania on a sunny November afternoon.
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    It's the first week in November

    and the Painted Turtles are still out sunning themselves. The Great Blue Herons are still around also.
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    Firmware update 1.21 available for K3Mk3
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    Getting ready

    Concentrating tying those teeny flies to fish the native trout in Spring Creek on a warm October day.
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    Testing the DA AF 1.4x AW teleconverter(pic heavy)

    Attached my newly acquired DA AF 1.4x AW tele-converter to my K3iii and added the 55-300PLM and took it out for a walk. While the 1.4's main purpose is to add "legs" to my lenses, I was curious how it would act in a general purpose kind of way. Went down to my favorite creek trail and started...
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    My DA AF 1.4X AW teleconverter arrived

    this morning! Stuck it on the K3iii/55-300PLM combo and it works fine. Time to get out and shoot. I already have the FW1.2 update loaded which is supposed to affect the 1.4's fine AF, so it's time to find out. As usual KEH's description as "excellent" is more like mine is of "pristine". Come...
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    Serpent in Paradise

    I was walking along (Flyfisherman's) Paradise when this serpent accosted me from his tree. Made all sorts of promises if only I'd take a bite of an apple. Told him I didn't much care for apples and walked off. Had a funny feeling I'd missed something. It's a Black Snake for those not familiar...
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    Most people think

    only of flies as nusiances found swarming around rotting organic garbage, carcasses and feces, feeding and laying their eggs which hatch as the familiar maggot. It's one of their "jobs". Another job many people don't realize is pollination. The adult flies are often the sole pollinators of...
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    Teach your children well

    Located in nearby State College, Pennsylvania is a 62 acre Wetland/Nature Center that is in constant use by local schools and the University. I often see groups like this one, all year long, where teachers and instructors from the Nature Center teach about the natural world around them and how...
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    Pentax Firmware update 1.2