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    Landscape Catch Up

    Beautiful stuff, Shaun. I love the engine house!
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    Warm Colors on Cold River (Berkshires Fall Colors)

    This is Cold River, an offshoot of the bigger Deerfield River near Charlemont, in the Berkshires. Right by the Mohawk Trail campground, and the trailheads of a few trails that we hiked. Warm Colors on Cold River
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    Godafoss, Iceland...

    Thanks guys! Just to be clear, you mean the weather looks too cold for you liking, and not my treatment of color balance, right?? haha!
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    Godafoss, Iceland...

    Hey all! I know Iceland is a subject du jour at the moment, and this isn't exactly an unknown location within Iceland... but I tried to have a slightly different take on it. Hopefully it's something fresh to you, and I hope you like it. "God's Eye View"
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    Four from Fisheating Creek, Florida

    Hey guys, I recently explored Fisheating Creek. It's a stated favorite among many Florida photographers, and I can now see why. The place is amazing. I can't believe it took me so long to go check it out! Will definitely be back. Several more photographs to process but here is the first four.
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    Return to Harbor - Key Biscayne, Florida

    To me, few views are more peaceful than this one. This view is looking over Biscayne Bay, from Key Biscayne, Florida. My opinion probably has a lot to do with personal sentimentality. My extended family jointly owns a boat which is parked at this marina, and this is the view we always get after...
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    The White Watcher - Mizell-Johnson State Park

    This photograph’s title is admittedly a little bit silly. The “White Watcher” of the title refers to the Sabal Palm in the foreground. I was scrambling around Mizell-Johnson State Park, trying to find the right foreground to frame the dramatic sunset, when I saw this tree. For some reason, the...
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    Four from Whiskey Creek, South Florida

    These are from my first time exploring this section of Whiskey Creek, which provides easy access to a nice tidal mangrove estuary. I scoped it out in midday, to get to know the location before trying for photographs which may require trekking in darkness. While softer light would be nice, the...
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    Sunny Summer Day at Whiskey Creek

    Von D. Mizel -Eula Johnson State Park is a beautiful place to take in some of South Florida's various coastal ecosystems. Pictured here is Whiskey Creek, a tidal estuary flanked by mangrove forest on one side, and sand dunes on the other. Ecosystems like this are important as a nursery for young...
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    Wash, Rinse, Repeat

    The simplicity of this sunrise forced me to focus on other senses besides vision. Usually, when watching sunrise from a beach, the second-most salient sense would be hearing. When you are on the beach without all the crowds, you hear so many noises you usually can’t. The main one which comes to...
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    Two from Seoul's Changdeokgung Secret Garden

    This is the Changdeokgung Secret Garden, in South Korea. I like Changdeokgung most of all the palaces in Seoul, even without the Secret Garden. I just find it more interesting. It has more little enclaves to discover, and more variety of architecture. But the Secret Garden puts it on another...
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    Dan's Place - Cades Cove

    Thanks for the comments guys. I always try to keep the colors similar to what I witnessed, and not over saturate. That being said, I've gotten similar comments a few times lately, so maybe my monitor is due for a recalibration. Thanks again! Edit: OK just changed the photo, tried to bring...
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    Dan's Place - Cades Cove

    The Cades Cove loop road in Great Smoky Mountains National Park is well visited, often overcrowded with tourists. Even so, this view felt like it was all my own. My friend and I kept calling this “Dan’s Place”, even though the signage referred to it by its more formal name, Dan Lawson’s cabin...
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    Beyond the Wall

    In the famous town of Kotor, Montenegro, visitors may opt to take a grueling hike up the imposing city walls. These walls ascend straight up the steep Dinaric Alps, ending at the St John Fortress which overlooks Kotor. The vantage from the top offers stunning views of Kotor Bay, and for that...
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    Last Shot Before the Rain

    Last Shot Before the Rain This is a photograph of Whiskey Creek, in Von D. Mizell-Eula Johnson State Park, Florida. I set out to explore the mangroves once I thought that the storms had finished for the day, but it soon became clear that there was one last storm in store. I listened to it get...
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    Mystic Swamp (Fakahatchee Strand)

    Mystic Swamp The swamps of South Florida have a peculiar type of beauty. Most people see scenes in great photographs or documentaries, and find it paralyzingly beautiful. But then they come, and usually are quite disappointed. Take this scene, taken in Fakahatchee Strand, near Janes Memorial...
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    Second Dawn - Fakahatchee Strand, Florida

    I got to my chosen location in Fakahatchee Strand State Preserve, Florida (which is close to Everglades National Park and Big Cypress National Preserve) a little bit later than anticipated. The sun had already risen, and the light wasn't that great, so I feared that I missed the golden light of...
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    Trees on White

    Hey guys, here is something new for me. As primarily a landscape photographer, there have been plenty of times where I was painstakingly isolating trees and leaves to try and get my blending to look more natural. Since I found it incredibly annoying, what did I decide to do? I decided to make...
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    Bustle on the Bay

    Bustle on the Bay This is a photograph of San Francisco Bay just before sunrise, from the top of Bernal Heights. My main quest for this outing was to take pictures of downtown San Francisco, but at this moment, the tranquility of the industrial part of the city was more appealing to me. I loved...
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    Dusk in Hardwood Hammock

    Dusk in Hardwood Hammock South Florida landscapes have a unique charm. I've lived places with more dramatic landscapes, like California and New Mexico. Hiking through nature in those places is like visiting an art gallery, but hiking through South Florida's nature is more like playing a game of...