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    How much Post-Processing?

    Hello all! Not sure if this is the right place of this forum to post this, if not, sorry about it... I am still debating myself for this issue: for a (normal) photoshoot, say, of some friends, how much post-processing do you use and what do you change? I like to add a vignette (or negative...
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    18% grey and metering

    Hello all, Just wanted to be sure about this: if I point the camera (say, in spot metering mode) to a white wall, then it will be metered for 18% grey and will come out as 18% grey if I don't adjust settings. This is right, isn't it? Also, I have read that if you wanted to take some portrait...
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    Two dials VS One dial

    Hello all! I am slowly thinking of upgrading from my D40x to another body (thinking primarily to d300) for two reasons: built-in autofocus and more buttons. Mostly, buttons to change white balance faster than via menus, and two dials for being able to change aperture rapidly in Manual mode...
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    Focus lock button

    Hello! I was wondering what the use was of a focus lock (on D300 and above). When pressing that button, is it the same as pressing the shutter halfway? And say you go into the menus and tell the camera only to focus when the focus lock button is pressed, what use would the halfway pressed...
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    D-lenses of Nikon

    Hello, I know that the D-lenses of Nikon have an aperture ring (for example, the 50mm 1.8 lens), but I don't understand how it works when taking a picture (I haven't been to my local store yet): do one use the aperture ring to set the aperture as desired and is the camera body dial useless for...
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    Flash between front and rear curtain

    Hello all! I have Googled a bit without succes for this: I understand the difference between front and rear curtain sync flash and found how to do it with my camera built-in flash. But is it possible to fire the flash anywhere between the front and rear curtain during an exposure? So, say: with...
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    Help with vignette

    Hello! Do you know a good way to remove a vignette in photoshop? Say the background is pure white and the picture has a gray/black vignette at the four borders. Can you think of an action which could do it? Thanks for any comment!! G.
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    Nikon NC filter

    Hello all! Wanted to know if anyone of you uses a Nikon NC filter to protect the front elements of the lenses. Is it a good filter? Does it have flare, does it affect hues, is it a clear filter? Would you recommend it for protecting the lens? Or is B-W or Hoya better? Thanks for your...
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    How to clean lenses?

    Hello all, I wanted to know how you cleaned your lenses if you accidently have some fingerprint or other thing on the front? Is it ok to use a soft tissue and a very little water for this? Or is it that absolutely forbidden...? Thanks for any answer!! G.
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    D40x Internal Flash question

    Hello, I have got a question about the internal flash of the D40x—but could be on any camera— (have been reading some things about flashes recently but still have a problem): if you take a picture, say, in Program mode, will the light meter be influenced if the flash is on or off? I have read...
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    Photographic Filters

    Hello, What would you suggest as a company of Photographic filter with best quality? Is it best to stay with Nikkon filters—as I use Nikon lenses—or is it ok (if not better?) to use Hoya or B-W (Schneider) or others? Thanks for any answer!
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    Nikon 18-200mm with external strobe?

    Hello! I search for it, without finding any information: is it possible to use all the functions of "Trough the Lens" with the Nikon flashes with the Nikkor 18-200mm lens? Are there restrictions? Hope not! Thanks for any answers!
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    Levels in Camera

    Hello everybody, I wanted to know if there was any way of setting a photoshop-like "levels" in the camera itself when taking pictures in the field. It seems to me that my pictures are "dull" when they are SOOC and once the levels adjusted in the computer, the contrast increase and the pictures...
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    Flash photography

    Hello, I'm absolutely new to flash photography; actually, I prefer tu put the internal flash always off so there won't be any harsh light. Is there a way of using the internal without getting harsh lights or do one needs a external flash. Is an external a must-have for every photographer? If...
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    Basic Daylight Exposure Question

    Hello everybody! When using full manual mode (M) on the camera, I understand the equivalent exposures (relations between full fstops and full shutter speed stops and full ISO stops and how to change them without changing the (right) exposure). But how do you start with a photograph? Do you use...