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    Night in Lake Geneva, WI

    Lake Geneva is such a great place. Plenty of shops, boat tours are cool, nice restaurants. THere are many celeb homes here, and it isn't as busy as LA or something similar. Here's some shots of some shops and things along the sidewalks. C&C on my night shots so I can improve future night shots...
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    My makeup for a party tonite. Check it out

    This is a guy. Notice his tasteful puky drool. You are welcome.
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    Racine Zoo (continued) C&C

    Here are some more. C&C please! #1. I really like this one, although I didn't spend alot of time in pp with it, so I may need to brighten it up a little. Tell me what you think. #2 #3 baby turtle on the stick, also bird in flight, landing on stick. #4 Female Orangatange (spelling?) She is...
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    Racine Zoo WI. Some photos from yesterday.

    Here they are. By the way, this tiger you see was right in front of the glass on the other side eating some raw meat, and I was right on the other side of the glass, he/she looked up, and jumped on the glass. I jumped back and said a few choice words that described my startled response. I...
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    Large bird at zoo!

    I love the eyes of this guy/girl. I don't know waht kind of bird it is unfortunately, but here it is. I am experimenting to see if my changes saved after saving to jpeg, because when I adjusted as a raw, and saved changes at jpeg, the jpeg doesn't look like my adjusted picture, so I'll see if...
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    What lenses for a D40?

    Ok so I'm going on a cruise around September and want to get new lenses by then, not only for use then I know, but at least by then. I want probably two more by then, I have only the kit lense. What lenses would you recomend for me? 2 that will get me a wide ranges of shots, along with my kit...
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    One more RAW question.

    ok so I put all my RAW photos I took today into my PictureProject program I got with my D40. Now I'm able to view the RAWs, so I'm getting closer. Now, if I pick some to do some pp to, then when I do the pp and convert to jpeg after the pp, will my adjustments save? That should be all. Thank you
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    RAW help, taking along time.

    Ok I downloaded Stepok's free RAW converter, and I took like 100 pictures today, so I have to go through the adjustment/converting stages for every single picture? it seems like it takes too long. HELP!!! thanks
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    How do you know when a picture needs "help"?

    ok let me give an example. I'll look at a photo, and it will look good, to me, and then someone will adjust some settings and it will look amazing. Like then the first photo just doesn't look good at all. The question I'm asking is, does it just take time to get that trained eye for spotting...
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    Flower! Photo I fixed up. C&C plz

    alright I posted the original in another thread, and messed the thread up by saving over the original picture..blah blah blah. so to make it easy, I did some pp. How does it look? C&C please.
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    Cool Flower, will you help me crop?

    Ok so I want to print this, but I would like to have the flower in the background cropped out. Well first let me ask what you guys think. Should I keep the flower, or take it out? In a way I like it there in the background, how it is blurred, but then I think the picture would also look good...
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    Bridge at dusk. Lake Geneva, WI C&C

    ok I was having some problems brightening up these images, and I'm not shooting in RAW yet, which I know is better for Post processing, but I only have a 1G card right now. So here is my attempt with these. C&C please. There is a little glare, because my UV filter was smudged a little.
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    Sunset over Lake Michigan, light house, C&C!

    I went out tonite and got to the lake just in time to catch the sun setting. These are my first sunset photos ever, so C&C welcome. This is in Kenosha, WI on lake Michigan. One thing I love about photography is that if you don't get the shot in that one second, you will never get that same...
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    Storm clouds, C&C please

    ok so for the 4th day in a row here we've had tornados again. This time only like 10 minutes from where I live, though while it happened I was down the road at the store, about 15 minutes the other way. Anyway, here are some photos that I got while I was at Lake Michigan. The clouds really...
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    Chicago's Field Museum.

    I went to the Field Museum today. I took a bunch of pictures mostly all in the Ancient Egypt exhibit. They may not be perfectly clear but in a museum, with low light, it is sometimes hard for me still. Enjoy, C&C! please!
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    Tornado producting storm! C&C

    sorry if you expected to see a tornado, cause I didn't catch one. There were alarms on TV for watches and warnings, so the first thing I did was grab the camera and drove towards it! one of my biggest goals is to see a tornado, and capture some photos. as I was out there were sirens going...
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    Storm clouds over water. C&C needed and wanted!

    ok so I was out of the area where there were storms, I did get to see some clouds, unfortunetly I couldn't get any that were close, or really dominant, but I was just trying to get some different shots than I have before. There have been big storms here yesterday and today, with tornadoes, and...
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    Check out my shots from tonite.Variety of different shots. C&C plz!

    ok so I was taking shots for the "Power" challenge of our forum, and thought I try at some others. Just tried to get more practice at low light conditions with no flash. C&C welcome, tell me what you think, please. Thank you The first two aren't at the water spot. Just saw them as I was...
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    Butterflies at a Museum

    At the Milwaukee museum they have a butterfly exhibit, where you walk in this room, and there are butterflies flying around you. It was alot of fun, and really cool seeing these up close, being able to really see and hold them (let land on your hand, not really "hold" it). I know they aren't...