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    easter puppies

    I agree with what some of the others have said about the background; I would have went with something smoother. Also, I would have cropped number 6 a little more since all the space on the right seems unnecessary. That said, I really like numbers 3, 8, and 9. They made my wife gush when I...
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    Kitty Portraits - C & C Please

    I guess they *do* seem a bit bright (but not necessarily overexposed, right?), does it take much away from them?
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    Best Macro lense?

    Just the fact that you want to take insect pictures (which is 95% of what I got into macro for myself) says that you need all the focal length you can get so as not to disturb the critter. I just bought the Sigma 180 3.5 macro for about $600 from Adorama. It's a very good lens from what I've...
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    Kitty Portraits - C & C Please

    I'm pretty proud of my work on these, but need to be humbled. Both were taken with a D90, Sigma 18-50 lens, SB-600 providing flash and a whole lot of natural light coming in from a huge bay window behind me. I did some levels adjustments and unsharp masks on both in Photoshop (and was slightly...
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    Serious Post Processing Noob Question (w/ 2 examples)

    OK, I played with the contrast a bit. Did I make it too dark? Seems so :(
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    Serious Post Processing Noob Question (w/ 2 examples)

    I just changed that not OK to edit option. Please, by all means, I'd love to see what could be done. Thanks.
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    Serious Post Processing Noob Question (w/ 2 examples)

    I feel fairly confident (sometimes!) in my photography skills as far as taking the actual photos goes, I just know NOTHING about what to do with the photos after taking them. I just got Photoshop CS3 and would like to use it to give my photos an extra touch of pizazz, but I'm thoroughly...
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    C&C amateurs STOP!

    I disagree. I know when something is too salty, too sweet, undercooked or overcooked even though I have no clue how to actually achieve a more appropriate taste, myself. Is telling the cook his meal was too salty akin to telling him how to cook or trying to imply that my skill of cooking somehow...
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    C&C amateurs STOP!

    So when I go to a restaurant and have a meal, I also have no right to say what I liked or didn't like because I don't know how to cook?
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    Is My Lens Defective? Massive Flare

    Anyone with any experience with this particular Sigma lens have any input? I've got half a mind to return it to Adorama and demand a new one.
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    Is My Lens Defective? Massive Flare

    Is ghosting the right term for what I'm seeing, then? I'm referring, specifically, to what is circled here. Are you saying that the only way to avoid this is to expose for the brightest lights in the scene? What about that big splotch in the first one? This seems like an awfully cheap thing for...
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    Is My Lens Defective? Massive Flare

    Shot with a Sigma 18-50 2.8 Macro without any UV or other filter on. This is my first time shooting at night with it and the flare, obviously, is just unacceptable. And the flare in these shots was actually quite tame compared to some of the others I took. Is this about right for this lens? Is...
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    A Day at the Zoo.

    Thanks for the compliments :) Yeah, I used flash with both. Basically, I cranked the ISO up and lowered the shutter speed on the brighter one so as to get more "natural" light. There was a lot of bright sunlight shining through the glass roof but an otherwise funky lighting situation inside...
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    A Day at the Zoo.

    I spent the afternoon at the zoo today taking some photos. Please let me know what you think of these and what I could have done better, composition or exposure-wise. Also, look at the last two of the same butterfly...which one of the two is better exposed/looks better? Also, how would I want...
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    Shooting in RAW.

    I'm not big on lots of PP aside from slight level and saturation adjusting, so JPG works for me most of the time. I'll shoot in RAW if I'm interested in trying tonemapping or am in a situation where I'm trying to get the "perfect" shot (such as a blue hour shot of a city skyline I don't visit...
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    C&C macro shots, new new new at this!!

    I like the second one (the grub) the best. I would have liked the spider the best if it was more in focus. I'm guessing a smaller aperture would have helped there. I could be wrong though, since I'm still learning, myself.
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    Bronner's Christmas Wonderland, Frankenmuth, MI - C&C

    A few of the highlights (if you can call them that) from a bunch of pictures I took at Bronner's Christmas Wonderland in Frankenmuth, MI, this weekend. In case you were going to say anything about the color, this is a very "warm" place and the white balance was even more jacked before I...
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    Buying new DSLR- Sony a700 or Nikon D90?

    I have no frame of reference for Sony products, but I can say that the D90 is a fantastic camera that you will not regret buying. You'll have no problem finding good lens upgrades, as well as other accessories.
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    Want to get into macro / small scale studio photography?

    I like the first two with the turquoise-colored jewelry. In the last one, everything seems sort of out of focus to me. I totally want to build a white box and have a perfectly sized box sitting in my closet just waiting for me to find the time :D This is inspiring!