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    What could I have done do make this better?

    This was taken last minute with a Sony DSC H300 auto mode about 50' away.... I think it turned out great but I would like to know if there are things I could have done to make it better.... I am stepping up to a D3300 soon and would like to know what could have made this a better shot Thanks!!
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    First shots from newb with new camera

    Nothing fancy all pretty much on Auto with me tinkering with zoom.. Ice DSC00140 by Corey Miller, on Flickr This one I just liked the view. DSC00138 by Corey Miller, on Flickr And this was playing to see just what full zoom would do.. DSC00129 by Corey Miller, on Flickr The last one is...
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    New From MI

    Well I am a "camera" newbie. I am a tech geek and work in the electrical industry as a "controls" guy. I decided to join as for the last few months I have had a big interest in photography. I have been looking for a forum to join when I came across this place and noticed Wicked was an Admin...