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    Bear Creek Park - First Pics

    I like #5! It makes me feel like I'm back in the hood...
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    FS: Canon 400D/XTi + Sigma EX 24-70, Battery Grip $650

    Wanna sell the Battery Grip Seperate?
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    St. Marys Lighthouse (sunset & dark)

    Very nice! Both are Amazing!!!
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    I'm new. Please tell me what you think :)

    Like everyones been sayin 1 & 3 are awesome! The Colors in both are vibrant. Nice job!
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    Pictures Blurry for some reason...

    Thats what I was thinking the problem was. Im gonna try to take a shot on the table and see if its blurry then. If not then I know its Tripod. Thanks for the help everyone! Oh and ill post the pics so everyone can see what happened.
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    Golden Retriever Puppy

    Very cute puppy!!! Puppies make everyone happy!
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    What kind of flash and where to buy?

    Well to put it simply, you get what you pay for... I've always bought Canon products because there quality parts. I love my 430 btw. It just depends on how much you wanna spend... 430 is worth the price in my opinion...
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    Seasons Grievings

    The first image is awesome! I love the reflection it gives! Kinda looks like it would be on a movie poster...
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    Fear again

    Great Image! I like how it makes your mind wonder "What happend???"
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    I like the first image a lot! Its very eerie... I also like how you can see the saw in the shadows... Nice Job Chiller!
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    Pictures Blurry for some reason...

    I'm shooting with an XTi. For some reason my images are coming out blurry... Last night i was playing with my speedlight and I took some pictures of myself and they came out blurry... ISO was on 400 and it was on a Tripod... Now my Tripod is a little unstable(top shakes), so im wondering if that...
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    The Life of a Cherry

    Nice pictures! I've never seen a cherry tree! They look very tasty!
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    +1 Chiller your awesome man! Your style and perspective are just amazing! Hopefully I can just a my pics to look a fraction as good as yours! Again Awesome Job! :thumbup:
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    Blood Ties

    Wow those are some amazing shots! Chiller I love your style of photography! Very nice job! Its now my back ground on my computer :thumbup:
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    Love Lies Bleeding

    Very nice photo! I love how the blood and the rose flow so nicely. The blood is dark then gets lighter matching the pedels of the rose. Very nice job Chiller!
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    I like 2 & 4. 2 reminds me of honey i shrunk the kids lol. Nice job!
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    Omega Man

    Very nice series! I like #4 because its got an scary feeling to it. But seeing how I live in Florida, I appreciate pictures of snow since we have none. Very nice job!
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    What intrigues you, since you became a photographer?

    I love movement! I have a lot of fun shooting cars rolling or dogs running. Not sure why i like doing it but i think i just like they way they come out...
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    Creative picture ideas

    To tell you the truth when i need some creative help i take a nap. It seems a good rest really helps. Or anything relaxing seems to relax my mind then things just come to me...
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    Just a fly

    Awesome picture! The colors are amazing! I've tried this many times and it take so a lot of patience! You did an amazing job!