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    Looking for a more advanced RAW program

    RawShooter Pro is an excelent software. It eliminates not only high ISO noises, but hot pixels too. All automatic. Nice soft. Regards
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    Capture NX Help

    JerryPH is right. It is not a editing software. Use instead Photoshop.
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    need help choosing

    Both are good cameras to begin. Only to Know is that Nikon D40 or D40X can not use older lenses, only tne new ones with CPU. Regards
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    My New Travel Tripod - Manfrotto 190XPROB

    Hi, Manfrotto is a very good tripod maker. Congratulations for you new tripod. Regards.
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    A recent addition

    Dont mind the focus isuue. The image is nice and the shepard has an ineteresting look. Regards.
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    Nikkor Macro Lenses

    If you are going to shoot flowers or static nature, the Nikkor micro 60mm. If you are going to shoot live nature, insects or anything like this, then buy the 105 Nikkor micro, because you will not invade their fear circle. Regards
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    Photography Software

    Hi, everybody, I have made a new page with some fast links to free photography software, with a little description. Trying to help people to make the things easier, this is my intention, no other. The link is Regards
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    wildlife lense for a noob...

    Could be a good option, you will get a 400 f/5,6 , I would use it as a 400 f8 for better resolution in spite of speed. But put a good Teleconverter in the lens, with a 2x TC you will have a little quality lack. The better TC you get the less quality you loose. Anyway, you can improve your...
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    Nikon 70-200 2.8 VR review - 56k warning!

    Hi, DEWEY, Nice review and photos. The 70-200 VR is a very sharp lens. I can confirm this, my copy is as sharp as you describe yours. Professional feel and very well constructed. Cheers.
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    wildlife lense for a noob...

    You can not shoot properly anything dangerous or frightened animals in nature with 200mm. Only you can shoot non dangerous animals or pets, or insects, of course. Regards
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    Nikon D70 mirror problem?

    Can tell us your D70 total number of shots? It could be a very interesting information. Regards
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    Picking a macro lens

    Ooops, I do know that macro ratio DO NOT depend on focal lenght. I have not said this, where have you found this idea from me?. Regards.
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    need help lighting darker skin tones

    Yes, listen to Fred (fmw). What he says is correct. Nothing to add. Cheers.
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    flash or no flash?

    Modulate the strobe light (flash) and mix with natural ilumination. Use natural ilumination as long as you can, is the best. I try to avoid flash, I only use flash in the last moment. Get fast lenses, the 50mm f/1.8 you are waiting is a good beginning. Regards
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    wildlife lense for a noob...

    For wildlife photography the 80-200mm isn´t long enough. You need at least 400 or 500mm at the long end. The 80-400VR could be a good option, for less price you have the Sigma 135-400mm or the Sigma 170-500, which is a good recomendation for wildlife. You will need a good tripod, IR shooter, a...
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    Nikon D50

    HI, all My wife has a Nikon D50, which I use often, and it is a good camera, Nikon feel, and images are very sharp and contrast, less noise than my first Nikon D100 and you can use almost all the current Nikon lenses. I have tested the Nikon D40 and I prefer the Nikon D50 feel an performance...
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    Picking a macro lens

    Well, a real macro has a 1:1 ratio, as said before. If you want to shoot flowers or not moving subjects, pick the Nikon 60mm f/2.8, really nice bokeh and very sharp images, but if you want shooting insects you need a little longer as Nikkor 105 f/2.8. Both has CRC, proximity correction, and you...
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    VR Nikon for Sports

    My personal lens recomendation for sports in your, sorry, in any Nikon DSLR is the Nikkor 70-200VR f/2.8. As said before, use a monopod too and raise the ISO to 800 or 1600 for indoor sports. Cheers.
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    Why don't they protect sensors better?

    I have cleaned my cameras sensors (from my first D100) sometimes twice a month and I never had a problem with this. It is difficult to scratch the glass filter protecting the sensor, unless you use a screwdriver with diamond tip. Normally it is as hard as a good UV filter. Regards...
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    A blast from the past

    Cool stuff. My best regards.