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    problems transfering photo's from d70 to g5 via picture project transfer?

    i have a nikon d70 and a mac g5 that i'm trying to transfer my files to, i used to transfer them to my powerbook via the cardbus adapter that came with my microdrive, just plug it in to the cardbus and it would transfer no problems, the powerbook died and i have a dual g5 now and trying to...
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    images from florence (LOTS OF HUGE IMAGES 56K Warning)

    went to florence, italy for my honeymoon in early december. took a lot of pictures. here are some of the better ones: the most beautifull building i have ever laid my eyes on (the duomo) leaves me dumbfounded every time i saw it my wife and i on top of the duomo florence from the top...
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    how to do photography for a living?

    i've been kind of sick of my dead end tech job and constantly worrying about layoffs and doing pretty unrewarding work for a living, i look around and see photographers making decent money to take photographs for a living, which seems like a heavenly career to me, i assume i am not the only one...
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    good places for prints from a d70?

    just got a d70 and i'm seriously loving the stuff i can do with this and would like to make some color and black and white prints of some of these shots, now what's a good place to do this online and how much would it run me? i'd like them bigger than 4x6, possibly 8x10. also what is the...
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    holy crap i just got my d70!

    first slr i've ever owned, this thing is friggin incredible! i had no idea from the pictures of it that it would be this nice. got a 50mm f1.8 nikkor lense for it too (and a hitachi 2 gig microdrive). i'm going to have a ball with this thing.
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    nikon d100 vs. d70

    i'm up in the air about getting either a nikon d100 or a d70, i've read some lengthy comparrisons and i think i'm leaning towards the d100 even though it's older because it has a metal as apposed to a plastic frame and some of the comparrisons seem to lean towards the d100 even though the d70...
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    i'm a hack with a point and shoot

    these were all taken with an olympus c3030 point and shoot and i'm a hack newbie but figured i'd throw up somee of the pictures i've taken to see what people here (who take incredible photo's) think. any input would be most appreciated.
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    black and white on digital slr?

    i've been looking at the nikon d100 and d70 but recently read that these will actually not let you shoot in black and white and the only way to make your images white is in post-processing like in photoshop? say it ain't so! yet i see on this page...