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    Picking up and dusting off the ol' camera for some candids

    I was a working professional photographer but hung it up for family issues 8 years ago. I am trying to get back into the craft, for now just for fun. Here are some candids of loved ones that I would be happy to get some feedback on. Very minimal editing and all the baby ones were in very poor...
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    Just a few candids from picking up the camera again

    Oh! Sorry. I guess more than one thing has changed with photography in the 8 years I stepped away! LOL! Sorry about all that. You can delete this thread. They were just candids and I was looking for some general feedback that might get the ol' wheels turning again. I will post elsewhere.
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    Just a few candids from picking up the camera again

    I haven't really shot for the past 8 years, so I am just picking up the camera again to shoot a few
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    Candid wedding photography in India

    Beautiful. I think the crooked horizon is really impactful in candid photos. Especially in portrait photography! Amazing work, and I am so jealous you got to shoot that. I really need to get out more :)
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    So out of it...upgrade time

    I have a 5D Mark II and am wondering what people think of my upgrade options. I mostly shoot people, especially kids. I love being able to capture many frames in one click. I am interesting in learning videography, but I am not going to use it for long periods of shooting. But I have never...
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    professionally cleaning camera?

    Thanks everyone!
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    professionally cleaning camera?

    I am not a beginner photographer, but I have a beginner question. I have a 5D MKII. I think its about 4 years old? How often (and where) should I have it professionally cleaned? Do they need tune ups? I feel like I am getting lesser results, especially in low light situations.
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    Challenge - How would you build my studio?

    I am primarily an outdoor/natural light photographer (child/family). I love natural light...but being in Texas, there are several months through the year I don't work much because of the heat or rain. I am slowly building my business and am ready (and have the client base) to create an in-home...
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    Next portrait lens

    I do really dynamic photography. I guess I should have added I am a natural light (for now) child and family photography. Action, unique shoots are important.
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    Next portrait lens

    I am a portrait photographer, working. I have a canon 5D MKii with the kit lens, 85mm 1.8 IS, 70-200 f/4 L IS I am eyeing a new lens mostly for some more diversity in my photography. I am thinking maybe something even wider, and a nice low f/. Or maybe just upgrade the 70-200 f/4 L IS to a...
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    Nearly impossible, making the best photo

    I am shooting for some camps and last week I got the challenge and joy of shooting inside a fire training survival house. Nearly no light besides some low blue light, and one low red light in another location. *Very* low light, to say the least. Close quarters (i.e. "caved in" roof). Fake...
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    5D mkii control question

    thanks! lol never used that function before. Awesome!
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    5D mkii control question

    ummm...a while ago. I have looked several times but cant find the answer. I wouldnt be asking if I had not looked myself several times.
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    5D mkii control question

    Sorry, this is driving me nuts because I have spent so much time trying to figure this out. Somehow when I got to review my photos in camera, it only gives me thumb nail views. I can not, for the life of me, figure out how to get it back (so I see one full screen photo at a time) or make the...
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    Online photo proofing

    I do online photo proofing for my clients. So far I have been using smugmug but I just am not loving working with them. it seems like everything is too complicated or doesn't work. If it did, I would use them for ordering too. Anyways, does anyone else have a good place to do online...
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    1st Maternity Shoot of 2010

    I think its lovely. I have no issue with the doneness of the skin. It is suppose to be like that...she doenst want to remember her stretchmarks.
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    Portraits in a city.. C&C

    #2 isw my favorite portrait I have seen on this forum. I wouldn't change a thing!
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    Need to vent, and get some advice…

    I agree, I looked at your prices and they seem too low. I have mine kind of too low too, but I used to charge much less and I booked less then I do now. You could be Ansel Adams and if you charged low prices, people will think you arent very good. If you want to raise prices without people...
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    Need to vent, and get some advice…

    I am not in the same market as sears and I wouldnt want to be