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    Do you have a Photo Blog? Please share the link with an introduction of your blog

    Good morning everyone When I switched computers I lost this link... finally found my way back. In the interim, I have set up a kind of photo-blog. It is also a trip report repository. I hope you like it. Travel. See. Do.
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    Picasa versus Lightroom

    I finally uploaded Elements 5 (5!) to my computer but I'm still using Picasa for the most part (now Picasa 3). I know Elements gives you a lot more control, but, what do people think about Picasa overall? I like the new text element - you can add a copyright to your photos very easily now.
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    Photo Website Options

    I like smugmug. Before you buy, google "smug discount codes" because I got a 50% off coupon. Pro site for 75 bucks.
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    A local business wants to purchase my work...

    Great job - glad it worked out for you. Was this your own doctor?
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    show your business card(s)!

    already sorted my original Q, will post photos in a few weeks!
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    Eiffel Tower (Lit up in Blue!!!)

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    Descriptive terms - brainstorming a domain name

    Hedonia - I may end up making my business name fit the website. I thought of THE perfect name for me... I'm going to set it up soon.
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    Descriptive terms - brainstorming a domain name

    Alex, to "check" all I am doing is typing the name into the browser. I figure I will use smugmug for my site. Is there a better way to get a domain - I am not very techy so I figure I need something that already has templates.
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    Descriptive terms - brainstorming a domain name

    Oddly enough, some of the combos I've tried actually seem to be free.
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    Descriptive terms - brainstorming a domain name

    Hi everyone I am still trying to think of a domain name. I think most likely my business name would a takeoff on my own name, but for the domain name I'd like to get a little creative. I don't want to come up with anything too limiting, because I may branch out one day. (i.e. no "Weddings...
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    Online request for a photo - price and parameters?

    Hi everyone I got a flickr-mail from a guy (musician/composer) this week (and a second, more urgent follow up last night) asking me if he could use my below photo for the cover art for a choral piece that he will be self-publishing. Not sure if that means "online" or a CD cover, or what...
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    Picasa versus Lightroom

    Hello Hear me out - don't laugh! So far, I've only ever used Picasa. I haven't learned how to use Photoshop Elements despite having bought the software - still in the box. A friend of mine is urging me to get Lightroom because it's so easy, he said. He mentioned it is really similar to...
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    Model releases for a work-calendar

    Dan Heller wrote one of the books I was considering to buy for this (and I figured it would help out later too).
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    Model releases for a work-calendar

    Hey Brian, what's up?
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    Model releases for a work-calendar

    Hi everyone I am tasked to set up a photo contest at work, and the winners will be in our 2010 calendar (yes, we are starting early). I am hung up on the model release. Initially we were just going to say "no people in photos" to get past that, but then you leave out a lot of creativity...
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    How to spend 500 bucks

    Oooh, I like that idea.
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    How to spend 500 bucks

    I won the Circle of Excellence at work! And in addition to the honor they gave me a 500 dollar Amex gift card. I've already got 3 spiffy lenses (35mm, 24-105, 100mm), a nice tripod, a new computer... no lighting, no training, etc. What would you spend it on? I'm not sure if I can use it...
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    Calendar Photo contest for work - rules?

    Hi everyone I volunteered to create a contest for my workplace. We are going to make a calendar for 2009 using photos by employees. This entails a photo contest - one wherein the submittees submit their photo-files to a central point (someone's email address) and the winners are selected by...