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    Email Safety Survey

    Hey Photoforum Buddies, My company (Gwebs – Global Web Security Systems - is doing a little survey, and I thought id drop the Survey Bomb on you all. If you could help us that would be GREAT! it should only take 3 minutes and the questions are simple! Age: Sex...
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    pan-china motorcycle trip for selects, photoshopped if you want to see more, straight from the camera Cheers -Fotoflo
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    Backup Body + cheap standard lenses = 1 stone, 2 Birds

    Hi ALL, Question: Which nikon lens series's can i fit on a d80. and what do i gain/lose with each series? Back story: I am a photographer working in Beijing, China, and Ive just bought (a few months ago) a nikon D80, switching from an old fully manual Olympus OM1 and a Panasonic Lumix...
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    Remote Shutter Release Questions

    Hey Forum Buddies, So I am going on a motorcycle trip with a friend (to Tibet), and I would like to get shots of us both riding at the same time. I have a Nikon D80 and I am looking at my options for remote shutter release. I am afraid that ML-L3 will only operate from short distances...
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    Pro minimalist photographer going digital, on a budget, reccomendations?

    HI everyone, I am a pretty minimalist photographer and i am about to make the switch to DSLR. I am currently using 1970's Olympus OM1 with 24 f2.8, a 35 f2 and a 50 f1.4 lenses. this pretty much covers everything i do. I also have a panasonic dmc-fz20 which i use for macro work and work...
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    Small and light, and cheap vs. Metal Body and Professional looking, AND new VS Used

    Hi All, I'm a pro photographer currently using an Olympus OM1 (which is built like a rock and small and sturdy and I love it), but I need to buy a DSLR because I think my clients look down on me for still shooting film with my old school camera. I am torn between the D50 or D40 (both of which...
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    Olympus to Nikon lens adapter.

    I recently saw a olympus nikon lens adapter on (the chinese ebay) at what do you guys think? anyone ever use it? does it add length or f/stops to the lens?
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    First post here - first studio gig - JADE

    Hi All, I'm new to this forum. I am a writer and photographer from New York living in Beijing. This is my first studio gig - so i charged a little extra and went out and baught a light and some fabrics and did the shots for the client. I've posted one picture here and a link to more. What do...
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    ARG!!! Im a beginning pro photographer (this is about my 5th assignment) and I just got back (to my apartment in beijing) from a shoot at the forbidden city this morning, I have a story due for a mag tommarrow and I shot 2 rolls of what should be amazing pictures of the palace, complete with...