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    Straps? BlackRapid Metro vs. Cross Shot?

    Hi everyone. I went to the camera store to pick up a new strap for my Canon T5i. I wanted a longer length strap because I hate how the kit strap just hangs off your neck and you can't get your arm up through it. I wanted to get the BlackRapid Cross Shot in black. The camera store only had it...
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    Dog Park Photos (C&C Welcome) - 12 photos

    I took my dog to the dog park for the first time this afternoon. He's a 7.5 month old White German Shepherd. I took quite a few photos and these were the best 12 that I came up with. It was tough for me to get a lot of nice photos because the dog was so active. I'm new to photography and I want...
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    Should a set of pictures (portraits) all look the same?

    I'm new to photography, but I enjoy editing photos in lightroom and giving each picture a unique look. Sometimes I give photos a vintage look, or a matt finish, or an HDR look, or black and white, or whatever I think fits that particular image. However, I see a lot of professional photographers...
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    Jamaica Trip

    I went to Couples Swept Away in Jamaica in August of 2015. I took the following pictures with an old Nikon D40 that my mother gave me after she upgraded to a better camera. I took all the photos on automatic and in jpeg. A few weeks ago, I got a Canon T5i and I'm now shooting in manual and in...
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    Abandoned Car (3 pictures)

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    What camera accessories (hardware) should I buy next?

    I just got a Canon T5i for Christmas. The package came with the stock lens, telephoto lens, extra battery, and carrying case. These are the two lenses: EF-S18-55 mm 1:3.5-5.6 IS STM EF-S55-250/4-5.6 IS STM If I want to focus on portrait photography, what should be my next upgrade? Tripod...
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    Got a DSLR for Christmas. Starting photography as a hobby.

    Hi everyone. I got a Canon T5i w/ additional telephoto lens, camera bag, and extra battery this Christmas. I wanted the camera because my wife is pregnant and I wanted to be able to take good quality pictures and videos of all those special moments when my child is born. I also have a dog and 3...