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    Nerd Art

    Good call on the center..
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    This is my first bug shot with my new Canon 100mm macro lens
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    Nerd Art

    Let me know if you like the pic or not :).
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    New Camera Lens + New Puppy shot

    Ok, so I got a portrait lens.. canon's F1.8 50 MM lens. I took my first shot with it, of my sisters new puppy. Tell me what you think! (Keep in mind - it was low light and no flash - but I wanted to test the 1.8 in low light)
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    Single Point vs. Zone AF Question

    That's what I normally do.. but I'd be interested in hearing the answer to this as well...
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    Portrait Lens? - canon EOS

    AWESOME, so you would recommend the same one that was recommended? Thanks for the pic too - this is the type of photo I was hoping to get it for (granted your cameras a little more expensive...but It's nice to see what the lens is capable of). Um.. well it can really be many big gifts.. I...
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    Portrait Lens? - canon EOS

    Excellent. Thanks again!
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    Portrait Lens? - canon EOS

    From reading through the review.. USM is some sort of focusing thing? Any details? Also - this mentions it has full manual focus - but it also is AF right? (There's a reason I posted in the noob section haha)
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    Portrait Lens? - canon EOS

    I will definitely look into it. I can get pretty upclose as the gigs are mostly in local barsish places. Thanks for the quick reply. Any other suggestions? I have a month to compare and contrast so if anyone else has any other suggestions please feel free to suggest away :)
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    Long-eared Owl

    Awesome Picture.
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    Portrait Lens? - canon EOS

    Hi All, for christmas my parents let me choose one big gift since my birthday is close after as well.... I want to get a lens that will be good for portraits/low light (without flash when possible). I have a canon EOS camera.. I was wondering what you would recommend for a high quality...
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    1st macro post 'Psychedelic mushrooms'

    Look very cool.. the red's very vivid.. jumps out quite nicely. Thanks for sharing!
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    A Few from the Park - C&C Requested

    I really like #2, #1, I'm not a fan of.. I don't like the whole sephia coloring. Just my .02. GOod shots though!
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    Before and After Photoshop - C and C

    My C&C at the OP's picture - in the photoshopped one.. feather the area between the sky/mountains more. looks like lights emanating all along them.
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    Camera focus slow..

    Sorry it took so long for me to reply. Thank you very much for your help. I will try these tonight.
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    Camera focus slow..

    I've noticed that after the past few months (I went on a cross country road trip with my dad and took about 3500 pics).. the camera body has about 7k pics taken through it so far, but lately the auto focus seems to be working slower than it did when I first got it... I'm guessing I have to have...
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    Camera/Lens for portrait work?

    yeah 7d.. sorry
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    Need some lens (extender) advice

    wow yeah.. 1600 bucks for that lens on amazon.. will definitely have to save up for that more.. or i could dip into the house savings... sigh. i'll have to wait.. yeah i looked at the 600 MM lens out there.. holy crap.. i could buy a second motorcycle for some of those prices.