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    New to K10D - buttons?

    Playing around with my new camera I know I have alot to learn. I thought it might be useful to ask this of some of the other group members that have become accustomed to making adjustments to their DSLR cameras. What were some of the first changes you made in or outdoors? Did you tweak the...
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    First real photo

    I am going to make my first serious pic with my new pentax k10d. It is the family in the house at night for an xmas card. I bought a tripod just for this. I was thinking of putting a blanket against the wall for a backdrop. Can I improvise some kind of lighting tools of some sort to help in...
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    SD Card quality?

    I can get a 2gb sd card on for half the price of the photo shop. Are they all about the same? What concerns should I have? I have a pentax k10d and will want to have up to 100 pic on it at a time. Nothing real big in file size for now.
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    Copy of pros work

    I had a picture taken of the family by a professional for free at work. I want the camera store to scan it for me and make it into a card. Will they give me a hard time about copying the professionals work.
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    Picture of a picture

    I have a new K10D and am new to serious photography. I would like to take a picture of our family that is in an earlier photo and use it to make an xmax card. It is hard to take a picture of a picture? Special settings or light?
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    Intro and flash question

    I am 52 and live in Colorado and getting serious about learning photography since I just got a Pentax K10D for pics of our new baby mostly. I am going to take the basic classes at Wolf camera and study in this group. There is alot to learn. Although I rank well on standard IQ tests I find the...
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    Why I chose the Pentax K10D

    The feel of the case and the weight of this model made it my choice for my first good camera. It made the Canons in the same or slightly lower price range feel inferior. I also like the width. Maybe as I get more experienced I will dislike the weight but the metal case sounds like a good idea...