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  1. firebird1984

    Grizzly Bear Aug. 21st 2009

    Thanks Ocular! I was shooting through the grass on a lot of the photos. I had to shoot this handheld for obvious reasons really wish I had time to set up the tripod but oh well. I took these this morning so havn't had a lot of time to edit them completly but as soon as I do I will add them...
  2. firebird1984

    Grizzly Bear Aug. 21st 2009

    Here are some photos of a Grizzly bear encounter from one of my weekly excursions around Grand Teton National Park. C&C welcome. Brent McWhirter
  3. firebird1984

    Early morning Mtn. Dew

    What distortion are you talking about? The background?
  4. firebird1984

    Early morning Mtn. Dew

    Here is a shot from an alpine lake in Grand Teton National Park last week.
  5. firebird1984


    Took this a couple of mornings ago and did a little tweaking in PS. Thanks for looking and C&C welcome!
  6. firebird1984

    Bear and Wolf in Yellowstone

    Hello everybody! Here a a few shots from this past weekend in Yellowstone National Park. The Wolf was on top of Dunraven Pass on the eastern pert of the upper loop road. And the Wolf was at the junction of Tower Falls and Lamar Valley. C&C welcomed and encouraged!!! Brent McWhirter
  7. firebird1984

    Grand Teton

    Here is a shot from a hike I took last weekend. This is the Grand Teton taken from Blacktail Butte. I hiked from 6000 ft. to almost 9000 ft. and took this photo about half the way up. Thanks for looking C&C welcome and encouraged! Brent McWhirter
  8. firebird1984

    Snake River Outlook B&W

    Thanks teneighty23! My mentor is a medium and large format film guy... mostly 8x10 and I just got him to try digital :) but if you like big pics try an 8x10 camera. It's amazing the amount of detail you can capture with those things. Thanks again for the comments, Brent McWhirter
  9. firebird1984

    Snake River Outlook B&W

    Well since you asked :) Thanks for the comments!!! Brent McWhirter
  10. firebird1984

    Snake River Outlook B&W

    This is the angle of the Teton Range in northwest Wyoming made famous by Ansel Adams titled The Tetons and the Snake River (1942). This photo was taken on May 1st, 2009 on the opening day of Grand Teton National Park. C&C welcomed and encouraged. Thanks, Brent McWhirter
  11. firebird1984

    HDR Stream

    This is one of my first tries at an HDR photo. Just got Photomatix Pro and went out this afternoon and shot this. Please let me know what you think. Thanks, Brent McWhirter
  12. firebird1984

    The Sheer Force of Nature

    Flower, these are great! I really like the different styles in these! The first one has an almost photojournalism style to it, while the second one is a great nature scene with wonderful colors. The third one has some great contrasting colors and a great feel to it. Good job and keep it up...
  13. firebird1984

    Eagle vs. Osprey

    Thanks for the comments guys. Flower, that was not on purpose by any means and was total luck because they were flying low and fast I didn't really have much time to plan the shot just had enough time to get off 6 shots in about a second and was lucky enough to have 3 keepers out of it. I was...
  14. firebird1984

    Eagle vs. Osprey

    Thanks for looking! :D
  15. firebird1984

    Eagle vs. Osprey

    I was driving back to the office today from an assignment and decided to stop by the river. Not sure why I did but after standing there for 2-3 minutes this is what I saw. C&C welcome and encouraged.
  16. firebird1984

    up close squirrel

    WB was off when I checked it out. But it is in focus. I can do a quick edit on it if you want to see what I can do with the WB. Let me know. Brent McWhirter
  17. firebird1984

    Spring Snow

    Up here in Wyoming we don't celebrate Spring until about June. And here is proof why... Yesterday it was sunny and in the 50s, today when I woke up this is what I found on the trees by my house and it is still snowing as I type this. The mountains are supposed to get up to two feet of snow...
  18. firebird1984

    Goose & Swan shots

    Hey First off I like the composition in the second photo if anything I would take a small amount off of the top but not too much. The one thing I would work on is making sure that the whites of the swan are not blown out. It's a hard thing to accomplish when shooting at midday...
  19. firebird1984

    Image delivery time frame?

    Thanks Craig! I really appreciate it! Brent
  20. firebird1984

    Image delivery time frame?

    I usually work this out with the client in the initial contract. For instance, last weekend I shot a corporate retreat at a museum where the client wanted 12 portraits of the couples attending and a couple of group shots. The client also needed 5x7 prints of the images and a cd with low rez...