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  1. hacksaw35

    Why do my images look posterized!

    I shot these today (luckily I wasn't the main photographer). The gradients are all posterized and weird looking. I shot them with a 5DMKII with a 85mm 1.8 in RAW @ 200ISO. Any ideas what is going on here?
  2. hacksaw35

    Sigma P&S.....anyone use one???

    I am looking to get my wife a nice p&s. She has a food blog and wants a p&s that she can carry around in her purse, but still be able to take photos with a nice bokeh and dof. I was thinking about just getting her the Canon G12, and then I started looking at the 4/3 cameras a bit....and then...
  3. hacksaw35

    Canon 16-35 f2.8L II USM

    I have a brand spanking new (US) Canon 16-35 f2.8L II USM lens that I bought a few weeks ago (6/23). **SOLD**
  4. hacksaw35

    Nikon D80 Package Deal

    I just put my gear up for sale... *Nikon D80 Package w/ 50mm 1.8 Lens & filters, Ex.Cond* - eBay (item 120603042571 end time Aug-05-10 16:21:34 PDT)
  5. hacksaw35

    A good Nikon>Canon body trade...

    So I recently switched over to Canon and was going to keep my D80 as a back-up, but it just makes more sense (less gear) to have my back-up be a Canon as well. My plan is to try and find someone that would like to trade. Would a 40D be a pretty equal trade for a D80? Thanks
  6. hacksaw35

    Is ISO 50 any different than ISO 100?

    So I recently purchased the 5d Mk II, and when you choose the "expanded ISO" setting you can technically go down to "L" or ISO 50. I read a comment on another board that the "expanded ISO" is a gimmick and not to bother with them. Anyone have some insight on this? Thanks (should I post this in...
  7. hacksaw35

    Canon 50mm Questions...

    So I was able to get an older copy of the 50mm 2.5 Macro for cheap from a friend and it is nice to have the "macro" ability, but the AF is really slow and LOUD. Will the 50mm 1.8 be much of an upgrade, or will I be disappointed and want the 1.4 or the 1.2....not really in the market right now...
  8. hacksaw35

    Taking The Leap! (and need some advice)

    So I have made the decision to switch from Nikon to Canon and step up to full frame...going from a D80 to a 5D MarkII. I have budgeted about 2k for lenses and am trying to decide what to start out with. I shoot baby portraits (all natural lighting) for the $ and travel (street/landscape) for...
  9. hacksaw35

    New Lens Decision...(nikon) Prime vs. Zoom

    I am wanting to sell my current lenses and get some better glass. I never use my telephoto lens, and I have been a little disapointed in my Sigma (previously having the 17-55 2.8) I am trying to decide between..... 24-70mm 2.8 or 85mm 1.8 & 20mm 2.8 (and keep my 50mm 1.8)
  10. hacksaw35

    Collapsable Reflectors

    I am doing an outdoor graduation shoot next sunday and was planning on getting some collapsable reflectors (so I don't have to borrow from a friend again). I don't have an assistant usually, so I need to get a stand as well. It looks like most of the kits that have a stand included give you a...
  11. hacksaw35

    Where to shoot in VEGAS.

    Going to Vegas for a wedding just before new years. I am taking some wedding photos for a friend of mine. Anyone have some ideas on good spots to take photos? Thanks. (tried this down in the Locations thread, but not much action down there)
  12. hacksaw35

    Where to shoot Wedding Photos in Vegas

    Going to Vegas for a wedding just before new years. I am taking some wedding photos for a friend of mine. Anyone have some ideas on good spots to take photos? Thanks. Wasn't sure if this was the right spot to post this...please move if needed.
  13. hacksaw35

    Flash Batteries

    I am currently using the rechargeable energizer NiMH 2200mAh with my SB600. They work pretty good, but I was wondering if I would have a noticeably quicker recycle time with something like Maha 2700mAh. Thanks.
  14. hacksaw35

    On Camera Diffusers/Bouncers

    Hey all, I have been asked by a friend to go Vegas all expenses paid (yay!), to do some casual photography for his Wedding weekend. I have a D80 and an SB600. I don't want to carry around much equipment, and would like to purchase an on camera diffuser or bouncer and was wondering what to...
  15. hacksaw35

    Architectural Photography

    While I am an amateur photographer...I am a graphic designer to pay most of the bills. I actually work at an architecture firm, and would like to get into doing architectural photography. After looking on Amazon, I did not see any books with rave reviews so I was wondering if any of you...
  16. hacksaw35

    Buy a D80 now?

    I have had my D80 for over a year now and have really enjoyed it as my first "real" camera. I've got a friend who wants to break into photography and he just asked me if he should buy a D80 as well. I haven't really been keeping up on reviews, but I realize that the technology is ever...
  17. hacksaw35

    Canvas Prints...Help please >>>

    I am doing a project for a friend that will include 4 canvas prints. I have decided to buy the paper, have them printed, and then stretch them myself...b/c I am using odd sizes & the gallery wrap prices are outrageous. Has anyone done this before? Any tips? Also, what brand of canvas is...
  18. hacksaw35

    shooting a friends kids

    Like the title? :lol: I am an amateur photographer and have sold a few prints to friends and family. Now a friend of the family has asked if she could hire me to take some photos of her grand kids. I would like to take the job, but was wondering what to ask for? Here was my idea? Charge...
  19. hacksaw35

    What to do? Size problem

    Hi guys, I have a panoramic photo that a few people want to order framed. The size of the print is 10x30 and the only premade frames I can find are 11 3/4 x 36...and I dont want to get them specially made b/c it will be like $100 compared to $20 for the premade. Do you think that it would...
  20. hacksaw35

    What Nikon film body?

    Hi guys, I would like to get a Nikon film body. I love my D80, and would just like another body that I could shoot b&w film on with my current lenses. What do you recommend? Thanks.