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  1. libeco

    Happy new year!

    Last year was my first attempt at shooting fireworks with a Fuji S9500. This year I wanted better results. Unofrtunately though I don't think the outcome was better. I had a short time to take pictures as the fog became very dense, making it impossible to see any fireworks at 50 metres away. Oh...
  2. libeco

    At which point do I need to clean my sensor?

    Hi all, Haven't been here for a while, but I have a question: Recently I've been reading up on cleaning sensors (I know it's not really the sensor which is cleaned). I bought a sensor swab and some Eclipse E2 last week. Now I wonder at which stage I should clean the sensor. I have my camera...
  3. libeco


    This must be the easiest kind of pictures to make, just start clicking away and you'll always end up with something colorful. A least one good thing of this time of year... :mrgreen: 1. 2. 3. 4.
  4. libeco

    Birds in my backyard

    The last couple of weeks more and more bird visit our backyard, which gives a nice opportunity to take some pictures. It is not that easy though, these birds are very fast, they quickly get something to eat and don't sit still to pose. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.
  5. libeco


    Man do I hate those powerlines in my pictures all the time. Here where I live it's either powerlines or windmills which tend to get in the background. So for once I decided to use those powerlines and windmills as a subject. I did a small experiment with selective coloring in the third picture...
  6. libeco

    Printing to Epson C64 from Photoshop

    Hi all, Recently I've tried printing some pictures on my home Epson C64 with some (cheap) photo-paper. Some results are nice, others give huge differences in color. I know I should calibrate my monitor somehow and I've used Adobe Gamma for that purpose. But when not looking into this too...
  7. libeco

    Sunset at the Oostvaardersplassen

    So far we had a horrible summer, rain, rain and even some more rain after the rain had stopped. So when a few nights ago the clouds disappeared, I jumped on my bicycle to make some sunset pictures of the local nature reserve the Oostvaardersplassen. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  8. libeco

    Insects, big and small

    While building a brick wall in my backyard with my father I grabbed the camera every once in a while. Here's some of the insects I saw, big and small. The last one was the largest, must have been at least 10 cm. == 1 == == 2 == == 3 == == 4 ==
  9. libeco

    Look at that seal!... or was it a bird?!

    During my afternoon visit to the boatyard( ) I was taking pictures of this bird which kept diving under for 20-30 seconds appearing at the surface sometimes 20 meters further, after some tries I finally pushed the button right at the diving...
  10. libeco

    An afternoon at the boatyard

    This afternoon I went to my fathers 'yacht' (sailing boat, not that big really) at the boatyard after it was put back into the water after a winter on land. I saw some old machinery, rust spots all around an many roaps. Usually I don't really like black & white, only with high contrast, high-key...
  11. libeco

    Tripod and ball head

    Somehwere before the summer really starts I would like to get myself a tripod which actually doesn't move in the wind like my current €40 Velbon tripod does. I will use it for different stuff like night photography (on my todo list for this summer) and other long shutterspeed pictures but I...
  12. libeco

    Which teleconverter?

    I've been looking around for a teleconverter and found many confusing opinions and 'facts'. I have a 400D and want to use the TC with a 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM. I looked through this page But my German is not good...
  13. libeco

    Swan up and close

    Today I had a chance of getting quite close to these two swans, but they kept swimming away from me along the shoreline so I kept getting reed in the way, these were my best attempts. I used some USM to make the image sharper and tried cloning out the reed but it seemed an impossible job to do...
  14. libeco

    Fashion centre Almere

    During my bicycle trip of over 50 kilometers I also took some pictures of this UFO which is actually the Almere fashion centre. 1 2 3 4
  15. libeco

    The birds...

    During yesterdays hot (28 degrees in april is madness!!) day I cycled over 50 kilometers with my camera with me. I made several stops to take some pictures. One of them was to try some more birds in flight so I present to you now, the birds... 1 2 3 -> I like this shot 4 5 6 ->...
  16. libeco

    Autumn... Spring... Summer...

    So we didn't had a winter in Holland, and now suddenly april brings us warm days as if it's summer! So the springflowers jump out of the ground everywhere, and by the looks of this forum, everywhere in the world! :mrgreen: I went to a nearby tulipfield several times but found it very hard...
  17. libeco

    Color problems in Vista

    My brother has Windows Vista and a new 400D. There's a problem though, the colors of all images of the 400D are not displayed correctly while I can view those pictures without a problem on my XP computer. Here's an example of two screenshots of pictures taken by him. 1 -> as viewed on my PC...
  18. libeco

    400D and light metering

    When I tried taking pictures of moving object (birds that happened to fly by) I had the feeling the subject was underexposed, while the sky was properly exposed. I know the 400D lacks spot metering but has; - Evaluative - Partial - Centre-weighted average But my question is, what situations...
  19. libeco

    So what do we learn...

    A couple of weeks ago I gave HDR in the open a shot (when nobody was around to see me fail :D ). So I've learned three important lessons; 1 - When doing HDR, never include the sun on a cloudless day! 2 - When doing HDR, never include moving tree branches in the wind! 3 - When doing HDR, never...
  20. libeco

    My first little trip with my new 400D + 70-200mm L IS USM

    About a week after buying my Canon 400D and only day after receiving my brand new Canon EF 70-200MM F/2.8L IS USM it was supposed to be nice weather. So I took my bicycle, pointed out a little tour through google earth and went out. Within 5 minutes after reaching my first photo-stop underway...