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  1. bigalbest

    Model shoot

    Ya for some reason the eye looks a little soft on the head shot. Thanks, silversprej. :D Number one really breaks all the rules and that's why I like it. The horizon is crooked, wide angle distortion makes her legs and feet look huge, and there is a view under the skirt that is not really my...
  2. bigalbest

    Model shoot

    What do you think? 1) 2) 3)
  3. bigalbest

    Kill your TV - Dragan style

    Wow these are really interesting. :thumbup:
  4. bigalbest

    Motorcycle Lover- No nudity but maybe NSFW

    This is really nice, I like it alot. :D
  5. bigalbest

    Funny baby

    Sorry if this is a repost, LOL.
  6. bigalbest

    12 Feet Wide Seamless Paper?

    Yep, I used three pieces for this shoot (had to clean up the seams in post).
  7. bigalbest

    Scenic Backdrop

    My first model shoot on the new scenic background. Nicole, Model Mayhem #784132.
  8. bigalbest

    Scenic Backdrop

    It all depends what you're doing, and I'll agree that I don't always need gobs of power. When I can get away with using a speedlight then that's probably what I'll use. Think about this though: a customer calls and wants you to do a shoot at 1pm on a bright summer day in an open shadeless...
  9. bigalbest

    Movie Review - Gran Torino

    I agree. :thumbdown:
  10. bigalbest

    Scenic Backdrop

    Ah yes, a very nice picture of a train. First, it looks like there was a bit of processing involved here and second this was taken in the early evening when a strobes power can be stretched to the limit. My photos were taken against bright sunlight and processed very little. Again I'm not sure...
  11. bigalbest

    Scenic Backdrop

    I'm not sure you understand the light levels involved, but I still would like to see a picture of this train.
  12. bigalbest

    Scenic Backdrop

    Thanks mitsugirly, pictures coming soon... :mrgreen:
  13. bigalbest

    Scenic Backdrop

    Wow, that was a lot of work but here it is. Wanted to set up lights this afternoon but the wind picked up so I did a little hdr.
  14. bigalbest

    Scenic Backdrop

    Maybe a little too fast, my hands and arms are shot. Thanks Christina. :D Thanks dtornabene1.
  15. bigalbest

    Scenic Backdrop

    Almost there. :mrgreen:
  16. bigalbest

    Afew questions about flash units

    I looked at the camera at dpreview, and it looks like you don't have a hot shoe or sync chord hook up but you might be able to fire an external flash with your pop up flash. It's not as reliable as other methods but it can be done. Learn everything about external strobes at strobist.
  17. bigalbest

    Scenic Backdrop

    Thanks andrew99, there is very little processing on these. The look I like is to balance ambient with strobes to get crisp colors and detail. Keep in mind these were shot in bright daylight at small apertures (f18-f22), with a powerful light. I start out at 1/160 and dial down to bring the...
  18. bigalbest

    Blurred Concert Photos???

    I have not used a D40X and I haven't done much concert photography, but I would think you would try to use a shutter that is slow enough to bring in ambient and fast enough to limit blur. Maybe 1/5-1/30 depending on your lens and steadiness. From there try wide apertures and vary the ISO setting...
  19. bigalbest

    Scenic Backdrop

    I'm building an outdoor backdrop in my backyard. I'm building against the south wall because it is in shade all day. I put ivy in the planter (only grows in shade), excavated the ground and now will add a pave stone patio. Started with a retaining wall. After I lay the pave stone patio...
  20. bigalbest

    finally got my logo on my car!

    Looks like the silver and white blend together and make it hard to read. The logo on your web site looks way better with the pink.