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  1. Luke345678

    Battery Grips For Canon 5d Mark IV

    Hello there! Recently picked up a 5d Mark IV and I love it. I've grown used to my 1dx and it's built in battery grip. Using a camera without one really throws me off and I don't like it. I find the $350 price tag for Canon's battery grip to be a tad ridiculous and I was wondering about other...
  2. Luke345678

    Solid but affordable Tripod

    Hello there, Hope every one is doing well today. As some of you may know I shoot Varsity Sports throughout North Carolina which I absolutely love doing. I never have a lot going on during the weekends so I picked up a well paying hourly job shooting team and individual photos. It's been great...
  3. Luke345678

    Help! New Monopod!

    Hello there friends, As some of you may saw from my earlier post, I finally made the move and purchased a brand new Canon 300mm f2.8 IS II lens. This was a big step for me with sports photography as I've been shooting on a 1dx with a 70-200mm lens for quite some time. I've gone through two...
  4. Luke345678

    300mm F2.8 Lens or Nah

    Hello there friends! I posted a few days ago regarding a different lens question but I have a new but somewhat similar one today. I was originally trying to decide between a sigma 120-300mm f2.8 or a 1.4x teleconverter for my canon 70-200mm f2.8 lens. I got a rather lucrative contract recently...
  5. Luke345678

    Sigma 120-300mm f2.8 vs 70-200mm f2.8 teleconference

    Hello there friends, I hope everyone is doing well. I just have a quick question that I'd love your guys insight on. I currently shoot High School sports for a few local papers and my own site throughout my county which is an awesome job that pays well for someone in their Senior year of High...
  6. Luke345678

    Help: I need some inspiration/tips for portraits

    Hello there! I am currently a High School student going into my senior year. Last year, a few members from this community and photographers I met through networking at sporting events and such inspired me to creative my own business. This has been an incredibly amazing experience and I feel...
  7. Luke345678

    Sports: Getting on to top level playing fields

    Hello, My name is Luke and I currently live in Charlotte, North Carolina. For the past 3 years I have been shooting High School Football for a few schools in my area and selling the pictures to a local sports site and the parents themselves. This year I was invited to shoot the 1AA, 1A, 4A...
  8. Luke345678

    I'm... Back!

    Hi there, my name is Luke and I'm a young photographer based out of North Carolina. It's funny, last time I was on this forum I was brand spanking new. Now I'm doing photography as a job that's paying very well for a High school student. I found my passion in sports and people. I really...
  9. Luke345678

    Rechargeable Batteries

    For a while now I've been using standard double a batteries for my external flash because I... well... um I misplaced by rechargeable batteries that it came with... :-P I need to get another set because as many of you probably know flashes eat through batteries fast and it sucks having to keep...
  10. Luke345678

    New Bag

    Hello, So I've had a tamron bag that has lasted a very long time. It's a very durable bag and I love the thing but it can hold a body and maybe 3 lenses. I recently picked up a 2nd body since I decided I want 2 camera bodies again for many reasons, plus an upgrade was nice. :-P While I love...
  11. Luke345678

    Any cool Christmas Ideas

    Hello, First of all, I want to say Merry Christmas! If you don't celebrate this Holiday I still wish you a wonderful day! :-) I was wondering if anyone had any cool shots planned for Christmas? Hope everyone has a fun day and a safe night! :-P -Luke
  12. Luke345678

    1.4 vs. 1.8

    Hello, I'm about to purchase my first full frame camera, the Canon 6d. Many of my lenses will not fit the new body because they're EFS lenses so I need to pick up a few new ones. The 1.8 is a cheap 92 dollars and the 1.4 is a decent 339 dollars. My question is, is it worth spending the extra...
  13. Luke345678

    6d or 70d

    Hello, For a while I had my eyes set on the Canon 70d and I knew that's what I wanted but recently I've decided to look at the 6d as well. I've never used a full frame before so I've never really looked into them until now but I'm still not completely sure if I should upgrade to a 6d...
  14. Luke345678

    Jack Simon Shooting Street Photography in San Francisco

    Personally, I really enjoy Jack Simon and his street photography. He's got a really good eye and I find him really helpful. I just stumbled upon this video from the 3rd of October and after I watched it I thought it was pretty good and some of you guys may enjoy it. Link: -Luke
  15. Luke345678


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  16. Luke345678

    New Nikon Camera

    Personally, I shoot Nikon but Nikon released their second advertisement for their new camera. This one shows a lot more than the first one but it's still not as much. Link:
  17. Luke345678


    For a while I hosting and designing my own website but keeping up with it took a lot of time, more than I wanted to spend on what I wanted as a simple website. I did like having my own website though, full control and I was able to make it relatively simplistic. The site was linked up with my...
  18. Luke345678

    No money, just skill to trade

    This man is traveling the world with no money at all. The only way he gets the necessities to survive such as shelter, water, food and other help is by trading his skills as a professional photographer. I could keep trying to explain this insanely awesome project to you guys but instead I'll...
  19. Luke345678

    Canon 70d Battery Grip V2

    So, my other post got a lot of views but not a single comment. I figured maybe if I just ask for a good battery grip I'd get a few responses. I don't know if I should go with the Canon Brand or switch over to the off brand ones. Saves a ton of money but not sure if it's worth it!
  20. Luke345678

    Canon 70d Battery Grip

    I posted this in the Canon accesories thread as well but it hasn't really been seen over there. I apologize for posting this twice but I just wasn't getting any answers in the canon thread. Hello there everyone, In about 2 months I will be purchasing a Canon 70d. I would like to pick up a...