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  1. Sebastian

    Water in Rocky Mountain National Park

    Wow Mr. Leber, wunderbar! My fave is the second, thanks for sharing...
  2. Sebastian

    Industrial Decay

    Nice technics! I like it, especially number 1! The idea in picture 2 and 3 is very creative. Good job...
  3. Sebastian

    1st senior portrait job...

    Numer 3 and 4 are very good! She, or some of you, seems to be a hairdresser, right???
  4. Sebastian

    still at it!

    Nice pics, like always ;) Number 3,4 and 10 are my faves...
  5. Sebastian


    20.000 boah :hail::hail::hail: And such a nice picture btw... mfG Sebastian
  6. Sebastian


    This is my grandma, she is 78 years old and myself. My grandma likes to ride with me, so we did :D
  7. Sebastian

    Erica and the Wall

    Yes, good pose and lighting! Her mien looks provocative, I like it...
  8. Sebastian

    Very little ballet dancers - 2 - Louisa

    Picture nunber 3 is the best for me! You just have to put it in ps and play a little bit with light and colors... I think it looks good in b/w!!!
  9. Sebastian


    I didn`t know that you are a astronomer! ;-) I like the second and the third! Good job!!!
  10. Sebastian

    Road Trip USA (VA -CA -VA) 56k warning

    Thank you for telling this story! Beautyfull pictures anyway...
  11. Sebastian

    My new ride

    Thank you all for your answers!!! I enjoy that you like my bike!!! @ LaFoto: Hey good idea! When I come around, we can drink some coffee and you may teach me a better english... @ PNA: No, it isn`t! ;-) ;-)
  12. Sebastian

    My new ride

    No special phototechnique or something like that... I`m just happy to show you my new bike ;)
  13. Sebastian

    my last work

    Thank you all for your comments! I`m happy that my pictures are suit you :-) @ LaFoto: You are right, I meant latest not last... I do enjoy if you (or someone else) are teaching me, so it is much easier to get a better language ability!!! There is no problem if you like to come with me...
  14. Sebastian

    my last work

    How do you like this pictures! C&C are welcome!!! 01 02 03 04 Thanks for watching
  15. Sebastian

    they lead into the darkness

    "The train out of nowhere"... Nice colors and exposure.
  16. Sebastian

    First Macro

    Yes, well done. Nice composition at all.
  17. Sebastian

    Carrabean cruise.

    Oh yes, I need some holiday! The first is the best for me.
  18. Sebastian

    A stormcloud over the city

    WOW, reminds me of Independence Day. Just in an other color ;-) It is very beautyfull. Good composition and all the other stuff! Put it on your wall!!! Thank you for sharing it
  19. Sebastian


    I prefer the third over the first. A very good composition and exposure.
  20. Sebastian

    Pearly White's

    Hey, great shot! He looks like an old sage man. Good work in Ps too!