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  1. Kiwi_gav

    Club Rugby

    A couple of shots from the other day at the rugby club, C&C invited please.
  2. Kiwi_gav

    Ciggy Break

    Couple of blokes on a construction site, thought it was an interesting shot, any thoughts?
  3. Kiwi_gav

    Race bikes too quick for my 400D autofocus?

    I need a bit of advice please.... SO I spent the day at the raceway shooting Superbikes. Beautiful day that started slightly overcast but finished brilliantly blue. I shot from all around the paddock and all round had a good time. And then I got home to review my days work.....almost all of my...
  4. Kiwi_gav

    Hi all and an Intro From Brisbane, Australia

    Hi All, Checking in with an introduction, kiwi guy living in Australia that enjoys taking photos of people and sports. Am lucky to have 2 toddlers that allow me to practise my portraits, although keeping them still for any length of time is a problem! Also have fun taking photos of local...