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  1. skylark

    Caption contest

    No ... just a bit to the right ... THATS the one - oh YEH !
  2. skylark

    Cannock Chase

    Took this on my Boxing Day walk in woods near my home, A large housing estate is 200m/yds to the left !!! Just a quick capture with my cheapo digital while I searched for shots to take with a proper camera (Bronica SQB since you ask ) :) .
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    Critiques please

  4. skylark

    Critiques please

    HDR , RAW , do you mind I'm a film man - I just soil my hands with this digital stuff because my wife doesn't like a big camera coming along with us :D BTW what on earth IS HDR ? - Cheers CJB and thanks for the comments , one of those "almost' pictures I guess
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    Critiques please

    Agreed I thought that would be the response. I just didn't have the gear to get proper all over fill lighting (it's a cheap digicam I use for holiday shots). I will persevere with PS though. As you say a great subject - teach me to leave the SLR at home :mrgreen:
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    Street Scene Hop.

    I really recommed that you learn to use the camera away from it's auto programme settings. You could have used aperture and DOF along with ISO settings to make a much more interesting photo. :)
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    disposable society

    The comments on under exposure are sound as is that on composition. You look lioke you stood over the item and got it in mid frame then pressed the shutter, an adequate record of what you saw. Try moving around the subject , get low down (you might get some funny looks but as long as you're...
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    just took this pic last night. is it any good?

    Image deleted - in response to later post - apologies if I contravened forum protocol. Shots like this are REALLY difficult , my choice would be to use a tripod and bracket each side of the suggested meter reading but that's not always possible and is no guarantee of a perfect shot. Use the...
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    Critiques please

    Taken in Cromwell church Notts. I used fill in flash at 1/60 exposure. I have adjusted in PS to give what I think is a reasonable image. Your views much appreciated
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    One man and his duck :-)

    Caught this angler oblivious to the duck (maybe a goose ?) preening itself alongside. The duck has it's head in it's wing. Just thought it was humorous, then again I am from the West Midlands. Bostin pictcher thow ayit aarkid ? (translation available on request) :):)
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    Is there anything I could have done better?

    Aside from the comments on the merits or otherwise of upload methods I think that there may be a couple of technique comments I would like to make (for what it's worth :)) 1) I always feel that most portraits , no matter what the subject, is improved by'catching the eye' . The eye is not the...
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    Rest a While

    I agree with the busy comment. I also took a picture with my film SLR with an f2 lens. I expect that to have a much better use of DOF to isolate the bench or the branches (two shots ;)) . I'll post it if it comes out better. Cheers CJB
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    Rest a While

    Taken just a few feet from the shot in 'Lakeside'. Just 3 days ago ... wish I was back there ;) Comments as always most welcome
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    If it were a film print I'd say it was old Velvia - and that's a pretty high compliment from a film user :mrgreen:
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    Thanks , as for the wires I'm afraid I am a bit of a 'photo - verite' man; the image should show what is in the viewfinder when you release the shutter :)
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    Slightly different crop to allow for the reorientation. Contrast and saturation increased. Any views on the changes ? Thanks for comments
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    Thanks for the comment - it's the perspective that gives the tilt , I hadn't spotted it so thanks. As for secluded - 200 yards to the left behind an earth bank is one of the main roads from London to the north of England (A1) !!! Good job photos have no sound :)
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    OK it's twee and predictable - but I think it's pleasant enough. Your views ? Taken with a vivitar sub £100 p and S dig
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    A photo of my Dad taken as part of a college portfolio. I know the shadows intrude a little onto a full face shot but it seems to capture him pretty well. Comments welcome.
  20. skylark

    Man Ray 'Copy' self portrait.

    This photo is inspired by a self portrait of Man Ray. Shot on a Lubitel with Tungsten lighting to get the 'old style' look, the original was shot in the 1920s. It IS supposed to be out of focus but I think I went a little too far. Your views are most welcome. - Image Hosting