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  1. SrBiscuit

    You are not a Photographer

    Sabrina, the time you've wasted in this thread would have been better spent proofreading your have a typo on your 'about me' page.
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    charge him...make some money... porn's a multi BILLION dollar industry. :D
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    Introduce My Work

    I'm not bothering to click on the links in this thread, so idk what you've used flash for...but for a photo website, i would assume some sort of slide pic fading to the next etc... If that's the case, look into fact, I believe the script is called 'slideshow'. It will...
  4. SrBiscuit

    Salon Photoshoot

    1 red eye...weird lip curl...gnurled hand...that odd bulge... is this one your fave?
  5. SrBiscuit

    A Very Curious Wedding Photo Question ?

    tell 'em to **** off. you wanted to keep it simple (cheap), and they wanted extravagance. were YOU at fault for the wedding cancelation? no? well then i guess it's their problem. as far as the equipment you purchased...if it's still within the return policy window, problem solved. if...
  6. SrBiscuit

    Received the battery grip for my D5100 today.

    I can't speak for the 5100 grip, but i got their grip fro the D90 a few months ago...and it's holding up like a champ. stays snug to the body...never came loose at all. shutter button and af lock buttons still function flawlessly. so i stand by the brand, and would purchase again. :thumbup:
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    My first selfportrait - Critic please :)

    eeeeasy there, creepah... i agree that a vertical orientation might suit it well. nice bw conversion. :thumbup:
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    C&C on a few more please.

    get down on her level for the 2nd one (like you did for the first one)....looks like an adult looking down on a child taking a pic. yeah the first 2 are underexposed....theres just no pop to them...
  9. SrBiscuit

    C&C these model shots

    the nipples?
  10. SrBiscuit

    What to do with my Nikon D1x?

    or ME! i LOVE my D1x, and would certainly not turn down another. ;) if you ever think you might need a backup body, maybe keep the D1x around for that?
  11. SrBiscuit

    Backfocusing D90

    I would normally assume it's me too...who knows...maybe it is, and I'll just get a good cleaning out of this. lol But I KNOW I'm putting the focal point on the eyes...IDK...I'm shooting up into the 4.5 range too and I get the same issue. As an example, I was taking a picture of my kid on the...
  12. SrBiscuit

    A few of my daughter- C&C appreciated!

    #3 is your best of the bunch! nice shot. Not digging the softness of 1 (too much glamour glow?), and the fake blurred vignette thing on #4 (fence in #4 also not desirable). Frame #3. it's a winner. (maybe convert to BW?)
  13. SrBiscuit

    Backfocusing D90

    Hey everyone... Packed up my D90 to be sent out for a checkup. It seems to be backfocusing a LOT (and I've missed one too many good shots because of it). Initially I had heard that this was, more often than not, a function of the lens...but after testing it on 3 of my lenses, I am thinking it...
  14. SrBiscuit

    Finding camera time

    do a search on this forum...there was a thread not too long ago about taking your gear everywhere you go...lots of great stuff in there. :D edit - even did the legwork for ya
  15. SrBiscuit

    Ok, let me explain...

    tickle balls?
  16. SrBiscuit this a good deal?

    Agreed. I wouldn't touch that for 1200. I recently got a refurbed D90 from Cameta with 600 actuations for $649. Thing was cherry. 1 year warranty, all documentation and cables. Do something similar and add a 50mm 1.8 and maybe even an 18-55 vr and you'd be in better shape IMO.
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    Model shot for C&C

    10x better.
  18. SrBiscuit

    Ok, let me explain...

    awwww...what's up em? i'll never leave you...we'll always have flickr. lol
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    Model shot for C&C

    and thats a good question...if it IS about the tattoo, then you gotta get that whole hand in there. if it's NOT...dump the forearm.