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  1. photo_joe

    WTT: manfrotto 701hdv head for ball head

    Okay I'm trading for a manfrotto tripod with a 701HDV head on it. I'm not really fond of the head and would prefer to just get a ball head. So if you might be interested in doing a trade let me know. I should have more information on wed when I complete the deal. Might be willing to sell...
  2. photo_joe

    Couple of Shots from Yesterday for C&C

    Here's a couple of shots that I took yesterday. C&C please. Thanks in advance for any advice and comments.
  3. photo_joe

    Macro Question

    Okay I have some extension tubes and I just got a reversing ring to use my 55-200mm lens with. I guess my question is when I put the extension rings on or try to use the revering ring. When I look through the camera view finder it is so dark I can make anything out to focus. Now with the...
  4. photo_joe

    First Portrait Photo Shoot C&C

    So did my first portrait photo shoot. Had a couple of lights with umbrella's and the back drops. So looking for advice. I tried a flash pointed into on of the umbrella's but wasn't really liking the way that was coming out. Here are a couple of the shoots that I thought were the better ones...
  5. photo_joe

    Better late then never

    Well I guess I didn't take the time to post an intro when I signed up. Well bought my first DSLR a Canon Rebel EOS XTI about 5 years ago and never really learned anything about it. Would just take pictures with it. SO recently I watched a couple of photography videos and must say my interest...
  6. photo_joe

    Colorado Springs Area?

    I saw a couple of other Colorado posts but they are way in the past. I wouldn't mind getting together with other people passionate about photography in the Springs Area. I go out with the family, but with kids it can be frustrating as they get tired and then the fun is just completely gone...
  7. photo_joe

    Looking for a little input on these photos

    Took these shots a few days ago and was looking for some feedback. I've got more that I took that day, but figure I don't want to overload people. Thanks in advance for any inputs.