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  1. battletone

    Got an Omega D5500 enlarger. Help me understand what I have.

    Haven't posted to this forum in a long time. My day went very well I think. I got this enlarger for free. Its an Omega D5500. I guess its supposedly a Black and White Condenser head? Here are some photos of it and everything I got. The owner said there is a timer for it also he will give me...
  2. battletone

    Continuous lighting...whats that company called? Allen Bees?

    I can't find it now. It was a continuous lighting but was cool so people are not sweating. I read about it here, and there was a youtube video link also. I thought it was Allen Bees. I don't think it was Alien Bees. Any help?
  3. battletone

    Velvia and other slide film cost. Is it going up 100%?

    I think I got ripped off buying a roll of Velvia 50 for $14. I would have bought more, but I was under the assumption it was around $7/roll...which a subsequent google search has shown it is at B&H and many other places. I am going to order a 5 pack for $36. The guy at the counter said it...
  4. battletone

    Filter systems....Cokin or something else?

    Do other companies make filters that fit the Cokin P thingy-ma-jiggy. Or is there another/better option to something like that? I guess Cokin filters are plastic, so maybe not the best available, but I am mainly interested in the holder since it seems it would be versatile. Threaded seems ok...
  5. battletone

    Flash compensation, 1st/2nd curtain, etc.

    So I have reached the point of wanting to learn to use my flash in a manner where I am in control and so I know what it is going to produce. I have been reading up on flash compensation and it seems that it is generally something to enhance or reduce the flash power, but from everything I have...
  6. battletone

    Question on my new Canon 50mm 1.4

    So I got my first new Canon lens that isn't the 18-55is. 50mm 1.4. I have never used a USM before so is there a clutch inside? I noticed that when manually focusing, if I got until it stops, I can go further and keep going. Is this bad for it if it is normal? Also, when manually overriding...
  7. battletone


    Its a bit late. The 4th is long gone, but since they still sell them around here I figured why not. The cloud cover prevented my night sky photos tonight. Opinions welcome. The only thing jumps out at me so far is that maybe stopping down to 7.1 would be better next time, and doing a few...
  8. battletone

    Stacked some star photos. Used MEDIAN. Are these the results I should get?

    So here is my first attempt at using MEDIAN on a stacked smart object in CS4. For whatever reason, turning my 16 bit tiffs to 8 bit allowed CS4 to auto align them. The Milky Way didn't quick come out how I thought it just stayed as a cloud. I took 8 shots. 30 seconds each. These...
  9. battletone

    CS4 - auto aligning files in a stack or panorama. Hit or miss?

    Is there a reason why CS4 seems to be hit or miss on doing this? It seems that when doing panoramas, sometimes it will align/rotate/distort as needed, and other times it will just leave them as is. When trying to stack some star photos and using CS4 to auto align them for a Median layer, it...
  10. battletone

    Two questions on astro photography

    Its supposed to be a clear night tonight, and I don't think the moon is out. I am excited....two nights in a row. So I am going to go take a few pics here in a bit, but I am too anxious to google this (I will try if time permits), plus I have some other stuff I need to try to get done soon...
  11. battletone

    STUPID QUESTION ALERT - Manfrotto Quick Release

    I have the 190DXB tripod with 390RC2 head w/ quick release. When I have the handle of the head pointing towards me, with the camera pointing outwards, I have the quick release lever under my LCD of the camera. BUT, looking underneath...
  12. battletone

    copyright of photos contained in other artwork

    I don't think this aspect ever gets covered.....when a photo is used within another piece of "art". Is there a split copyright? Does the original photography have the copyright to both items? Does the artist have copyright of new piece assuming permission was given to use the photo? The...
  13. battletone

    RAW -vs- s/mRAW -vs- CS4

    I am heavily leaning towards a body upgrade, and right now the 7D and the D300s are the two I am looking at. But I do not feel any need to increase my megapixels...currently at 12. 18MP, and even larger RAW files, is not something I am looking forward to. Space is cheap, but it still isn't...
  14. battletone

    Can someone explain how this works? Image #1 I don't want to jack this thread any further, but I don't understand how this shallow DOF was achieved with a simple 18-55mm lens (I presume the Nikon kit lens?) at 55mm...
  15. battletone

    Extended ISO?

    I googled it, but it looks like you loose dynamic range with all of these extended ISOs? But for something like ISO100, why does Nikon not offer it as a normal mode? Is their 200 just that good?
  16. battletone

    Canon/Nikon - weather sealing

    So I find I like taking pictures while outdoors hiking, it likes to rain a lot. I take my XSi out in my backpack, I haven't had any issues with a light misting, and frankly, if it ever breaks from a light misting then so be it. But a lot times I don't take pictures because it is actually...
  17. battletone

    Can you offset a sunset?

  18. battletone

    Proex. Quality lab?

    I don't know what their tie-in with Ritz is, but is Proex a "quality" lab to get film developed and/or send files for printing? Are their scanning services good?
  19. battletone

    Film grain, or Walmart?

    4 photos2 on Kodak Gold 200, taken on Maxxum 5000 2 on Fuji 800, taken on Maxxum 4 Cloud/Sun with 80-200mm Minolta 4.5-5.6 (i think) Other 3 with Minolta 50mm 1.7 Click on the image for the 100% image that Walmart provided. I have started shooting much more since going digital now that I...
  20. battletone

    Maxxum 5000 -vs- Maxxum 4

    I have owned a Maxxum 4 for about 5 or 6 years. It was my first and only SLR, prior to going digital. Today I picked up a couple lenses for it (50mm 1.7 and 80-200 4.5-5.6), and as a package deal I got a Maxxum 5000, 1800 flash, a L49(?) UV filter, a strap, what looks like 2pc leather cover...