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  1. britonk

    Online photography course

    Thanks for your comments. Think I will look for a local group then. Might also try some of the challenges on here to try and stretch myself.
  2. britonk

    Online photography course

    Cheers James, I thought it might be like that and explaining f stops etc.. I can't find an online / part time degree in photography. Got to fit it in with work you see...
  3. britonk

    Online photography course

    Has anyone ever tried any of these online photography courses? I am considering one to take my photography to the next level. I've been doing this for about 15 years now. 10 of these are with an SLR, about 4 of which are with DSLR. I already have a very good understanding of exposure and most...
  4. britonk

    Vintage Cosina CT 4 film SLR with 3 lenses and more.

    My grandma has asked me to try and sell my uncles old SLR for her. I thought of putting it on EBay but then thought I would see if anyone here is interested first. It seems in good condition and comes with loads of extras all bundled in a nice hard case. The lenses seem to be Pentax fit, I am...
  5. britonk

    Should I change my lens?

    Hi, Price is a bit of an issue. I want to be hitting around the £200 mark. The reason I picked that lens is it seems to be one of the most reasonably priced Nikon zoom lenses and it has VR. Having read the review I see it's a plastic mount. Would like to avoid those actually as I broke one...
  6. britonk

    How's Your Color Vision?

    18 for me, an interesting test! Thanks for sharing.
  7. britonk

    Should I change my lens?

    Hi, long time since I posted on here. Hope someone can offer some advice. I have two lenses for my Nikon D80. A Sigma 17-70mm (f2.8-4.5) and a Tamron 70-300mm f4 - 5.6. For a while now I have noticed that photos taken with the Sigma don't seem to have as much colour as those with the Tamron...
  8. britonk

    To upgrade or not to upgrade....?

    Very true... what I meant by shooting RAW wouldn't help is that it wouldn't make the image physically bigger but I take it you are referring to the post-capture processing being a lot more versatile? In this particular case I was cropping out about 60% of the original shot and wanted to print...
  9. britonk

    To upgrade or not to upgrade....?

    Hi Ann, No already checked that. Afraid it is on fine already. Only higher setting is to shoot RAW and that isn't going to improve the resolution. Until I can afford a D80 or D90 looks like I am just going to have to make sure I get closer to the subject and / or use optical zoom more. Cheers
  10. britonk

    To upgrade or not to upgrade....?

    Thanks guys - advice much appreciated. Think I will leave the D60 for now then. D80 is a bit pricey I think. How does it compare size wise to the D50? I don't really want my camera to be much bigger. I only have two lenses but they are both AF driven by the camera so I would need to use the D60...
  11. britonk

    To upgrade or not to upgrade....?

    Hi, Not been on here in a while. I am looking for a little advice. I have a Nikon D50 and love it to bits. Unfortunately I was a little disappointed the other day after taking some shots of my extended family I wanted to crop a picture and have it printed quite large but couldn't because the...
  12. britonk

    Around Seattle

    Agree #7 is good. I also like #11. Always wanted to visit Seattle (I'm a big Nirvana fan). Is it a good place to visit?
  13. britonk

    My First Shots

    Nice shots - love the first one - great idea! :)
  14. britonk

    Traffic at night long exposure advice.

    Quality - a range of good answers there - thanks folks! I'll try a few out and let you know how I get on :)
  15. britonk

    Traffic at night long exposure advice.

    I live near to a large road, far enough away so it doesn't keep me awake :) There is a pedestrian bridge that goes over the road and provides an interesting view. I think it might look good at night with a long exposure to capture moving traffic. I have never really done this before and...
  16. britonk

    Hello everyone, I'm new.

    Hey - welcome to the forum :) I doubt you will need a faster card. Usually you only need a very fast card if you do a lot of continuous shooting and you have a camera that does very fast shooting like the Canon 1D. Your camera looks OK. I used to have one of those SLR-like compacts too and...
  17. britonk

    What kind of Computer to buy

    I don't normally get to talk computers, which is my main subject, on this forum so I am going to take this opportunity. I'm a programmer, I have a degree in computing and have been programming for 18 years. The battle between PCs and MACs has been raging for some years and whilst I am not a...
  18. britonk

    Camera choice for young beginner

    Personally I didn't have my first DSLR until I was 21 but having to wait until then made it more the fun and made me appreciate it more. Unless you have money to burn I would recommend a high end compact like some of the Panasonic Lumix cameras. They are quite good but don't cost quite what even...
  19. britonk

    Space Needle *critics please*

    Love the cropped version - agree with Castrol though it needs twisting clockwise ever-so-slightly.
  20. britonk

    Band Photography

    It looks good to me - how did you manage to get such a steady shot with all those people crowded round you? Especially as I expect the lighting situation wasn't ideal..?