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  1. srobb

    Web Space Offered

    Well, have not been around in awhile. I do want to say cudos to Ben for this offer. I love my new site and Ben is very helpful for those of us not really good at html and stuff. Thanks a bunch, Ben, and I have not forgot it is two pints of vodka if I ever make it over there.
  2. srobb

    Naked ladies by the fence

    Hey, I bet that got your attention. :lol: :lol: Well. that is what they are called.
  3. srobb

    Hi all :)

    A late welcome to the site. I felt the same way when I found this place. Still do sometimes.
  4. srobb

    'ello everybody

    Welcome to TPF. Anyone with an Ansel quote in their siggie can't be all bad. ;) :lol:
  5. srobb

    Now have my first site

    Much thanks to Ben, (majicmonkey) and his offer to those of us on here that would like to have a website to promote our photography. It is very basic, but since I am still trying to tweak it some, I would love to have some c&c on it. For anyone that would like to, I would be happy to link sites...
  6. srobb

    favorite photographer

    Overall, I would say my favorite has always been Ansel Adams. That man could evoke more emotions from a B&W image than most today can from color. Other than him and more modern photogs would have to be Jack Dykinga. His landscapes of Arizona are awesome.
  7. srobb

    ad for my photography

    Well, I would have agreed with losing the font and the color on the original. I think the new one is much, much better. It does not distract from the ad as a whole and gives a very professional touch to it. Very good work on the pics. I just love the lower left with the rose.
  8. srobb

    Yesteryear...scenes from the past

    I can only imagin what life would have been like in those days.
  9. srobb

    Err, what name should I go by as a photog?

    It would be better, and safer, to check on any problems using BMW. I happen to like Bright Photography, also.
  10. srobb


    Welcome to TPF. You have some pretty cool shots there at da.
  11. srobb

    Howdy & My Best Pic

    You did a good job at putting the two together with this shot; scenery and cars. I am waiting for next month when I will be going to a car show at a local state park.
  12. srobb

    Architecture in Berlin (1)

    It is 3 and 5 for me as far as favorites. I do like 1 for the cool reflection you got and the architecture of the older buildings. I may have to see if I still have any pics left from when I was over there in the Army.
  13. srobb

    Architecture in Berlin (3)

    Have toa gree with 13 and 15, but also 16 for me. Love all of the geometric patterns that are there. Don't remember being in Berlin. Got to know Bremerhaven pretty good.
  14. srobb

    Flowers/Floral Stuff

    Well, let's see what I can dig up. :lmao: :lmao: Asiatic Lily Hollyhocks Purple Conelfowers Salvia Yellow Canna
  15. srobb

    Some of my picks

    Well, then here you go. 1. Love this shot. You did a very nice job shooting it where the plants are in sillouhette. 2. Really holds no interest. It's a nice shot, but nothing to really interest my eye. 3. Interesting and nice shot. Looks to be a coaster from a pub. 4.I like this shot...
  16. srobb

    Hello From Upstate NY!

    Welcome to TPF. Man that is one serious piece of glass in your avatar!!:drool:
  17. srobb

    Howdy & My Best Pic

    Welcome to TPF. Nice pic! 66 or 67?
  18. srobb

    Hi Everyone!

    Welcome to TPF, Bill.
  19. srobb

    Hi All

    Welcome to TPF. Always glad to see another film user. Depending on what type of photography you will be doing, you have a pretty good range of slide films to choose from.
  20. srobb

    Need some input for a show

    Thanks for the votes and comments and now a bump for a little more exposure. :lol: