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  1. RedWylder

    C&C pease on my portrait photography

    I enjoy number one for the most part. I don't even mind chopping off the top of the heads but I think it would look more balanced if it was cropped tighter on bottom as well. The only other thing is that she seems a little green in the photo. Could be this new monitor too. I really like 5 as...
  2. RedWylder

    Real Estate Photography

    Thanks for the tips guys! I will say I've begun my research and a friend of mine is a real estate agent who actually works with a photographer who does this very thing. Apparently he brackets his prices based on how much the house is selling for. For example: 80-150k is $75 and 200-300k might...
  3. RedWylder

    Real Estate Photography

    My husband and I, in our recent home buying experience, discovered that in our area real estate photos are at a minimum. Trying to look at houses online was awful since so many of the houses had very few/poor photos included in the listing. We are interested in starting a side business in...
  4. RedWylder

    Couple o' questions: photoshop actions and website creation

    I was actually looking for just such advice. So thank you. I played around with wix and thought that it looked awful. And although I'm not a professional, I don't want to make myself look like a beginner using a cheesy website. I don't have the funds at the moment or the time to learn...
  5. RedWylder

    Arches National Park - Delicate Arch (2)

    I agree, the colors in #2 are the best whereas the others are lacking. #3 is too dark as well.
  6. RedWylder

    Couple o' questions: photoshop actions and website creation

    I need your all's input on a couple of things that have bouncing around my head for a bit. 1. Photoshop actions: I am new to the photoshop world. I've been using Lightroom up until recently and then I took a photoshop workshop and a lot of people were all about their photoshop actions. Are...
  7. RedWylder

    struggled with these

    Thanks guys. As for the flare...wasn't what I was intending but I tried to work with it. I was so hot and the deer flies for swarming my head so bad I couldn't concentrate...yuck. As for the center crop on that one, thanks! I wouldn't have thought to try it that way. I'm not positive I like...
  8. RedWylder

    struggled with these

    It's been a while since I last posted but here is some of my latest. I really struggled with these. Not sure why...could be this Illinois heat and the bugs that were eating me alive during the shoot but I could use some input. What are your thoughts? What can I work on? **first some that...
  9. RedWylder

    C&C please? Newborn session

    #3 made me chuckle. It looks so...adultish? Like she's bored and wants to get this photo shoot over asap. I think for this reason I like it.
  10. RedWylder

    First Few shots w/ D7000

    yea...#3 is better than the others and sort of nice but still, reading up on composition would help.
  11. RedWylder

    It's a Jungle Out There (3 pics for CC please)

    #1 is the best imo. #2 has a little too much negative space on the right and there just isn't enough there to keep my attention. #3, although cute, just doesn't grab me...maybe if you were closer to the squirrel? He'd probably run away then. lol
  12. RedWylder

    First Few shots w/ D7000

    I think you need to work on composition.
  13. RedWylder

    I had free portrait shoots set up for the weekend and all the models flaked out...

    I can't see the first photo, wtf? Why is it that I can see the 2nd one but not the first?? Anywho- you're beautiful and should consider being in front of the camera more :).
  14. RedWylder

    Claire beauty shots.

    Beautiful! I wouldn't have noticed it but now that twinkletoes has pointed it out, I don't like the in betwwen nose ring either. Her eyes are captivating though!
  15. RedWylder


    I think it's a nice shot for a growing photographer. I think it takes time and practice to develop you own style. It's definitely not gonna happen over night. The only thing that bothers me is the direction she's looking in. She seems to be looking up and to the left and not into the negative...
  16. RedWylder


    yep definitely an improvement. I like #1!
  17. RedWylder

    First Time RAW/problems with flickr

    I do use lightroom but I haven't figured out how to make it work properly yet. It doesn't help that it runs extremely slow on my computer. New computer is coming this summer and I plan to have my organizing mojo down by then. Thanks for the tips.
  18. RedWylder

    First Time RAW/problems with flickr

    Thank you! That will help me start to organize my photos.
  19. RedWylder

    A boy and his dog(s)

    Thanks, Props!
  20. RedWylder

    A boy and his dog(s)

    Thanks! I think I chose a larger f/stop for these because I knew that with them running around it would be tough to get the focal point in the right spot. I guess that philosophy fell through...haha. As for lighting...had my flash on camera, did I forget to turn it on for the 1st 2...possibly...