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    Don't Mention Bananas - The TPF Oxford Thread

    Thought I'd get it going - just filtering through my stuff - feel free to post yours below :thumbup:
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    Mmmmm Kebab

    Wandering around in Krakow, this made me smile...
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    The Kiss

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    London Transport

    More from yesterdays trip, these are transport based... 1. You have people walking 2. Catching a lift 3. Catching a train 4. Sailing down the river 5. Jumping in a taxi 6. Riding a bike 7. Scooting around this way... 8. ...and that way 9. or finally...
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    Me and the family headed off down to London today, I wanted to catch a photography exhibition at the Tate Modern before it finishes at the weekend and Sandie and the kids decided to tag along. As is the norm I wanted to take some shots on a walkaround, but I wanted to shoot in black and...
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    Due to massive demand, a meetup is planned for October 19th in Oxford - the city of dreaming spires. Lots of attempts to create an Oxford meet have been met with nonchalance and no bugger turning up, so here is your chance to rectify things. Mr Lostprophet is booking his ticket via...
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    The Band

    More from Chipata - another relative was going through a lobola negotiation, and after they agreed the price for the bride, it was time to dance! (and drink lots of beer!) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. The bride danced for her future husband... 6. People looked on from the...
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    Chipata, Zambia

    Waay back in March which seems like eons ago, we went to Zambia for a month. Just after we landed we took a 12 hour drive out to Chipata which is in the Eastern province on the border with Malawi for my brother in law's memorial at the family farm. These are a few of the people I met...
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    All Along The Watchtower...

    Having a play with the lights and the new backdrop, put a bit of Jimi Hendrix on and there are air guitarists aplenty :mrgreen: Sorry Nephews if you see this ;)
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    Sorry Corinna - He's gone...

    A few from yesterday... 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
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    98 yesterday, breathed his last today. Happy Birthday old fella!
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    Oxford 6th July - Carnival!

    It's the Cowley Road Carnival in Oxford on Sunday 6th July. If anyone is coming, we could have a meet up. Procession starts at 12 o'clock, and there is lots of stuff to see and do - street performers, bands, DJ's, Choirs all sorts of stuff. Lots of good food to be had from various...
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    Oxford - City of Dreaming Spires

    ...and fast food restaurants.
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    The Look

    Boy and girl share a glance, checking each other out - a stolen moment on a street corner. I know they aren't in focus, but I kinda like that, it adds to the tension for me. What do you think?
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    Shiny Happy People

    Walking around town last night and took this, shot on Ilford Delta 100 and scanned, slight levels adjustment, crop to 7x5 ratio and resized. Bit of fun, but what do you think?
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    Zebra Crossing

    Wandering back to our room at the hotel, we found some Zebras crossing... 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. And the Hippo did laugh!
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    Victoria Falls

    Whilst down at the falls, I thought it might be an idea to take some photographs - trouble is, at this time of year, there ain't much to see... As you move along, you start to get spray from the water crashing into the Zambezi gorge... Some bits you can just see the other side...
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    Here crocky crocky!

    Mosquitos are not the only things that bite in Zambia... Then my boys got brave... Till it moved... Finally managing to chunk my way through the holiday photos
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    When Volvo Meets Peugeot

    Spent a nice day with our family having a barbecue and a few beers, then an accident occurred around the corner. This is what happens when a Peugeot bumps into a Volvo. The police were actually chasing the Pug when the accident happened, and the occupants fled from the scene - one of them...