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  1. RDenhardt

    Post your motocross photos.

    Man id love to be out in Cali to be able to ride and shoot like this. Very jealous. Great shooting
  2. RDenhardt

    Pylon Racer

    Great shot!
  3. RDenhardt

    Yahoo may shut down Flickr, other unprofitable business units

    Man I hope not, because I have alot of the photos on there that got lost when my old hard drive crashed last year... Hoping I wouldnt need to redownload them all
  4. RDenhardt

    Pink rocks and blue skies

    Awesome set! #3 is spectacular!
  5. RDenhardt

    What Happened To The TPF Photo Challenges?

    Great! I always look forward to them
  6. RDenhardt

    Staring Down the Wind

    Great shot!
  7. RDenhardt

    Another photogenic Snowy Owl.

    I feel like those eyes are cutting right through me! Great shot!
  8. RDenhardt

    Car Accident One man Dead.

    I go through this intersection every day going to school, and every morning and night I see people blow through. Sad to hear about this, guess I got through this morning right before this happened
  9. RDenhardt


    That is a great shot, beautiful bird
  10. RDenhardt

    Full Frame worth it for me?

    I will certainly take you up on that if I get the chance!
  11. RDenhardt

    Full Frame worth it for me?

    I still think the D7200 is a good option for me, as far as price goes its hard to beat. It certainly would be a good upgrade... I need to decide for sure. And yes I am down in Branford. I saw some used stuff down at Milford Photo but not a whole lot. A few lenses on craigslist as well
  12. RDenhardt

    Why I love astronomy

    That is gorgeous.... Im fascinated at this type of photography and doubt ill ever be able to get an image half as nice as this. Well done
  13. RDenhardt

    Brussels, after the flood ^^

    Very nice, it does paint us a picture.
  14. RDenhardt

    Full Frame worth it for me?

    Thank you, I have come a long way and wouldn't even post up some of the first images I took, and like I said im happy with what this camera can do but I feel it is holding back my images a bit. I agree I need some fast glass! I have found a lot of used glass locally for a decent price that I...
  15. RDenhardt

    Full Frame worth it for me?

    I believe I will bide my time and money and save up further for either used D750 or 810 and a used piece of glass. I figure another 6 months of diligent saving may even yield me enough for a second lens as well. Ive waited this long and its not as though I cant shoot currently so I will press on
  16. RDenhardt

    Full Frame worth it for me?

    I understand that but it clearly demonstrates the idea.... as does your example
  17. RDenhardt

    Full Frame worth it for me?

    Man oh man! Lets use no words and just use an image :bouncingsmileys:
  18. RDenhardt

    Full Frame worth it for me?

    Yeah... 75 percent motocross and 25 percent indoor ice hockey
  19. RDenhardt

    Full Frame worth it for me?

    A quick search on my local craigslist has yielded a D7200 with 80 shutter actuations for $700, that certainly is within my budget haha
  20. RDenhardt

    Full Frame worth it for me?

    Thanks again for the replies guys. I know for sure the D7200 will without a doubt be a huge improvement over my current camera, I just don't want to be back in this situation again come another year or two. The D750 seems like its an extremely popular choice according to the people on here as...