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  1. Hermes1

    B&H Has Lost My Business

    After years and many thousands of dollars of purchases from B&H I can no longer do business with them after reading this article on their discrimination of minority employees and hiring practices. Actually I...
  2. Hermes1

    Canon Remote Switch RS-80N3

    I have for Sale my Canon Remote Switch (RS-80N3) as I have switched camera systems and no longer need. It is used, but very little, so it is in excellent condition. I am including shipping to CONUS in the selling price of $25.00 and I can accept Paypal.
  3. Hermes1

    Canon EF 24-70mm f2.8 Lens

    I have for sale my Canon EF 24-70mm f2.8 lens as I have switched camera systems and no longer use it. It is used with some signs of wear, but in very good to excellent condition with no scratches to lens elements. Included with the lens are rear & front lens caps, lens hood, original Canon...
  4. Hermes1

    Sling Backpack for 4/3rds Question

    I am in the process of switching to a micro 4/3rds system and I am considering a sling style backpack to hold and carry my gear. I am a huge fan of LowePro as every time I have needed a bag for my previous gear over the years, I have always found that Lowe Pro has served me well. So I while I...
  5. Hermes1

    Nikon/Nikkor 200mm f4 fixed/prime Telephoto Lens

    I have for sale this Nikon/Nikkor 200mm f4 fixed/prime telephoto lens. While I acquired this lens as a collectable from the era of film cameras, it appears to be in good working condition as I have not detected any scratches on either the front or rear elements, the focus ring is smooth and the...
  6. Hermes1

    GPS Question

    I am curious to know from those who have used or familiar with the GPS accessory to cameras, when it includes the locations in the metadata, if the info reads as a place or just coordinates? For example if one were in Grand Teton NP at Jenny Lake, would the metadata indicate Jenny Lake? The...
  7. Hermes1

    Speedotron Blackline Electronic Flash Studio Lighting

    Due to medical issues I can no longer keep this terrific well made Speedotron Blackline studio lighting kit, so I am selling it. The kit comes as follows: 1- 2405CX black Line 2400 Watt seconds power pack. 2- 202VF/CC 2400 Watt seconds flash heads (color correct flash tubes) and standard...
  8. Hermes1

    Newbie From Phoenix Saying Hi

    Just joined, looking forward to learn, see what others are doing and fuel a passion. By way of introduction, I am winding down a career as a Medical Photographer and trying to figure out what my new career will be when I grow up. Thank you for having me as part of your forum.