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  1. JacobGriz

    Cokin P series ND Filters

    Hello, I recently bought a sigma 4-5.6 10-20 for my canon rebel t1i, and got some knockoff cokin stuff off ebay. I know it sucks, but it'll have to do for now. I got an nd2, nd4, and nd8 nd filters, and the same 3 for graduated. All of these were only $3 each. I really want to do long...
  2. JacobGriz

    Neutral Density Help

    I am getting a sigma 10-20 4-5.6 for my canon 500d, and want to get a neutral density filter for it. Basically, all the ones I see are either like .9 (3 stops i think?) or more than that but crazy expensive. I want pictures to show up similar to these (like clouds blurred and flat water, but...
  3. JacobGriz

    Photographing A Sweet 16?

    My friend asked me today if I could photograph her sweet sixteen, but I haven't photographed an event before. I have an 18-55 lense and 50mm1.8. Also, I have a manual hot shoe and a light stand with a translucent umbrella and a wireless trigger. Since its my friend, It's not all that serious...
  4. JacobGriz

    Strobist White Balance

    Ok, I know I have been asking a lot of questions on here lately but they are mainly questions that I can't find the answer to anywhere else. So, sorry if they are out there and I just couldn't find them. I'm getting into strobist photography, specifically outdoors. I am confused on what to...
  5. JacobGriz

    Best Place To Get Prints?

    I recently ordered a 16x20 from snapfish, and it was way off in colors. From what I hear, that is not unusual. For snapfish edits the colors of your photos after you send them to them, and they don't have color profiles for you to download. I did some searching on google for a good online...
  6. JacobGriz

    PSE 9 Makes Colors Appear Dull

    Ok, this confuses me to no end. I take a pic, it looks good. I open it using picasa photo viewer and it still looks the same as the camera LCD. I open it in PSE 9 and all of a sudden it looks dull. So, I increase saturation and vibrance to make it look how I want again. I save it, but when...
  7. JacobGriz

    Cheap Studio Ideas

    I want to make a small photography studio in my basement. Im going to get a backdrop for cheap from ebay, a flash from ebay YN460 YN-460 Flash Speedlite for Canon 500D 450D 400D - eBay (item 160377864724 end time Dec-07-10 21:48:20 PST) an opteka diffuser Opteka SB-1 Mini...
  8. JacobGriz

    RGB question

    ok so this whole rgb has confused me to no end. Adobe RGB or sRGB? i want to print my own pics, but i also want to upload them online. Also, when using photoshop, should i change the RGB there, or change it on my monitor. When I change the RGB in photoshop, i dont see the image change what...
  9. JacobGriz

    Central NJ photo contests?

    I've been lookin for em but couldnt find any? anyone?
  10. JacobGriz

    Cheap Tripod

    Hey guys I hope i dont sound like too much of a nube, but here it is. Im looking to by a compact tripod using money from a site called points2shop. I want a compact tripod that can fit in the slot in my camera backpack, but can also support a canon rebel t1i with a 70-300mm lens. (dont have...
  11. JacobGriz

    St Louis Arch and Chicago

    Hey guys I visited my relatives up in Illinois and while I was there we visited St Louis and Chicago. At the time I didn't have my own camera, so i borrowed a Canon SX20IS. Some of the pictures are taken with that, some are taken with a D5000. Hope you enjoy! Feedback is appreciated...
  12. JacobGriz

    How To Make Money As Ameteur Photographer

    Hey guys I'm new to the forum so I just decided to post this question in the beginners section. My canon Rebel T1i is coming tomorrow, but I have previous photography experience. I'm only in high school, so i plan to make a little bit of money with photography. How can I make money either...
  13. JacobGriz

    Hello from Jersey

    Hey guys I'm Jacob coming from Jersey. No, not south jersey with Snooky and Mike The Situation, Central Jersey. I don't have much photography experience but I have a little. I stayed with one of my relatives in Illinois, and used his d5000 and canon sx20 is. I stayed there for two weeks and...