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  1. bellavita64

    Vagabond II never used

    Did you ever sell this? I might be interested. Please email me at, as I am rarely on the forum. Thanks!
  2. bellavita64

    5 Kids - harrowing session!

    The last one is my favorite. Technically and aesthetically it is perfect! Good job!
  3. bellavita64

    Maternity Session

    Becky, I sent you an e-mail. Let me know what you think. I have a flickr account (have no idea how to use it!), but just felt weird putting somebody else's picture on it. Sorry about that!
  4. bellavita64

    Maternity Session

    Hey bellacat! I haven't been on this forum in forever. Wow, your work has improved so much and I wanted to tell you how impressed I am! These are great! I'm glad you finally were able to go digital. Now, about the mom's favorite. It was a good shot, my only cc is that her clothing was so...
  5. bellavita64

    I need a harsh critique..

    I have the D80, so I'm not sure if there is a difference in focal points. I started out focusing manually 100% of the time. Am now learning how to work with AF, and not really loving it. I just use the center focus point and recompose. I know a PP said to put the focal point between the eyes...
  6. bellavita64

    Strobist style portraits.

    These are pretty "flashy". What were your settings? If you use a slower shutter speed (like 1/30 or 1/60) you will pull in more ambient light. Is there anything you can bounce the flash off (a reflector or side of a light-colored building)? The flash looks pretty harsh and is making a lot of...
  7. bellavita64

    I need a harsh critique..

    I'm not crazy about the angle of the shot in #1. Too much of her face is hidden. Maybe crop in much closer and highlight those LONG lashes on her cheek? I agree with the PP on #2. The focus fell on the tip of her nose, you can tell because her eyelashes aren't quite in focus. Also, in #2 she is...
  8. bellavita64

    Using smugmug, but not selling photos. Advice needed, please!

    Something else, I hate to bring it up. You have a small logo in the bottom RH corner, but it isn't obtrusive. If you are getting a ton of hits (sounds like you are) this may be a case of very computer-savvy kids going to your website and right-click saving or printing the pics. I hope this isn't...
  9. bellavita64

    That glowing skin effect...

    I was trying to find out the same thing. It is done in PP. Check out the thread titled "Autumn Wedding" in the Professional Portraits and Wedding Gallery that was originally posted 11/12/07. I think this is what you were looking for. Sorry I don't know how to do the little link thingy to another...
  10. bellavita64

    Can't get much more girly then this

    These are all great! I'm going to try to make some tutus this weekend. Wish I had such a sweet little model available all of the time. My baby girl is 16 (but she did ask if I could make her a tutu!) She loves looking at all of the adorable baby pics I come across on the forums.
  11. bellavita64

    Natural light portraits

    Check out ILP's forum. There are many photogs there that only use natural light and some of the most beautiful portrait work you will ever lay eyes on.
  12. bellavita64

    What a RUDE thing to say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm constantly amazed at the moronic statements that tumble out of people's mouths. My middle son has blonde hair and blue eyes. The rest of the family has dark brown hair and eyes. (But my son is the EXACT reincarnation of my ex-husband's grandpa.) When he was seven years old, an ADULT actually...
  13. bellavita64

    Government Photographer: Photo Ownership?

    I am a Federal employee, which is different from a state employee, but I think the rules here would be the same. If he is taking a picture in the scope of his job, the state owns the rights to that picture. His compensation is his paycheck only. My guess is that he could be in seriously hot...
  14. bellavita64

    Portrait Help

    With the white background and natural lighting, this will be a high-key portrait, so do not have her dressed in black. There will be too much contrast and it will be distracting. Light colors/pastels and khakis would be good. Most girls that age love to wear full skirts/dresses that they can...
  15. bellavita64

    is it my lens?

    Understanding Exposure - Bryan Peterson. That is the book with the "who-cares aperture" and it is f/8 or f/11. Get the book and read it, as he explains why different apertures are important for different applications and different results. It is very easy to read and understand and was probably...
  16. bellavita64

    urgent.... plz help nikon question

    Check out the thread titled "Anything but Ordinary" in the Wedding and Professional Portrait Gallery if you think you have to have a formal education to be a photographer. Joey Lawrence's stuff totally blew me away and he is only 18. (Just google his name). Photography reminds me of golf in that...
  17. bellavita64

    some of my first photos with my new D40 - please give CC

    Answer to your question in #6: Photographers who lust after other photographers' glass!
  18. bellavita64

    What do you think?

    Why are you limited to Auto? I'm not sure what settings you have on the D40, but assume that you at least have manual mode. Dig into your user's manual and just start playing around with it. Sure you'll make lots of mistakes, but just hit the delete button and try again. I'm not sure who you are...
  19. bellavita64

    New Here, Saying "Hi" and Hoping for some CC

    Wow, these are incredible. I'm new too, and I can only hope to aspire to what you are already doing! Amazing!
  20. bellavita64

    A Histogram Question

    Somebody here posted an awesome website the other day on this subject. No, a histogram doesn't have to display a typical bell curve to be a correctly exposed shot. Here is the link again: This is a great tutorial because...