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    First picture sumbmitted

    yeah please take those date stamps out LOL i'm going to guess you shot these as standing at eye level? welcome to photography but try to get involved more
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    sunrise today

    Overall it's just a bad scene. While the sky is nice the foreground (fence and other dark areas) are distracting and don't do justice to the sky when you cut them out. Try getting out of the yard :)
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    New Pics C&C

    All the pics are overexposed and lack substance. Too much void (huge areas of solid white) and not enough emphasis on your subjects
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    Dog Pics C&C Please

    I think theyre ok. but I think that your shots look a little lazy. doesnt look like you put effort into getting a good angle or setting the dog up somewhere interesting. the last one almost was good, but for some reason it looks a little blurry. perhaps compression and just inadequate...
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    Eye of Life (C+C welcome)

    Good advice already given.
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    Nissan Titan

    There's not much to critique. It's a snapshot of a truck. Any more pics?
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    Fully Manual Or Aperture Priority

    Manual can certainly be useful like for long exposures but seriously I don't get manual "snobs," sorry... I use AV 90% of the time and works wonderfully! You still have full control!
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    Nighttime Cityscape in San Diego California!

    Very nice. I have a similar picture on my website. Check sig. The one on my site is less saturated than the original one I took (which looks similar to yours) I'm still not sure if I like the "cool" or "warm" look. The other one can be seen on Amazon's 50mm 1.8 MK II (Canon) lens photo...
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    A HDR or the Pomano Beach fishing pier

    Nice job. What were your HDR methods? Single exposure or bracketed?
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    Firebase Lane

    S. Afgh as in afghanistan? nice pic. Whats up with that wall though? is it a wall? haha
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    Landscapes and Custom White Balance

    Raw/AutoWB FTW.
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    Engagement Photos / C & C Please

    Nice tips guys! But I also agree limb-chopping was a bit extreme here. The last one looks flat and underexposed. Keep on truckin!
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    The official "Put up or shut up" thread

    nice shots, i'll post some up when I get home from work
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    "Camera doesn't matter" fact not true?

    Aside from the lenses, full frame (or larger frame, even) produces sharper images than a smaller frame. Whether its film or digital.
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    Will RAW give me the abilities a JPEG does?

    JPEG=Casual/Quick, RAW=Special/More time "You get what you pay for"
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    Not what I expected: Issues shooting in RAW

    Reset your camera. You probably altered the JPG settings (even when shooting in raw, the JPG settings you set will still be shown as a preview on your LCD--at least on Canon) or the brightness. It's worth a shot.
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    shooting RAW now what?

    After you understand camera settings, master them. THEN worry about raw
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    Why are my pictures so plain?

    These kinds of questions are like "my cars making a noise! what is it!?" Impossible to answer without seeing some evidence first. In all likelyhood, your settings are scrood. Try cranking up the saturation and contrast using your in-camera JPG settings.
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    Good point and shoot?

    Canon S90 if you're a serious shooter. Has all the important stuff easy to access in the form of knobs/dials. Canon SD780 if you want something barely noticable. Canon is the way to go. I have some examples on my website as well as links to these items. Check it out in my sig.