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    Recent Children's sessions

    A couple from some recent children's sessions. Thoughts please and thank you...
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    First Maternity Session

    This is the first maternity session I have done. I have a few more pictures I can post later if anyone is interested in seeing more. Thoughts please :)
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    Triggering studio lights

    Using a d90 and a Genesis G800, Genesis G400 and a Aurora lite bank 150. I used a canon body quickly when it was being set up (I was just dropping off rent and hadn't expected the tutorial) and he showed me how to use a tethered cord to shoot with his body. Fast forward to that night and I...
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    Sitting Fees and prints (I know it's geographical, but...)

    What is your rough breakdown (even percent wise) of your sitting fees vs. print sales? Do you use a local printer or internet (turn around times)? The other thing I am wondering about is print markups? I have looked around and found some photographers who still sell prints **gasp** lol, and...
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    Very new to lighting, be gentle please

    I am sure I will ask some basic questions, please be patient. I am looking at getting into playing with some lighting. I have a D90 and a SB600 flash that I am getting quite comfortable with now. I am looking to get a basic studio type lighting set up. I have searched some threads and found out...
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    Nikor AF 35-70mm F2.8 D???

    Any personal experiences with this lense? I found a reveiw on the KR site but nothing on DP review. Came across this lense (on kijiji) and am wondering how it compares to a nikon 24-70mm f2.8 lense. Thoughts??? I second shot a wedding (favor for a wedding photographer friend) and found that I...
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    Exploring options

    I was gifted a pair of stands, two umbrella reflectors and two 40w heads (2x the opus kits from London Drugs) by my husband. I am pretty new to flash, let alone off camera flash. I also have a sb 600. I am starting to play with lighting, reflectors and such but much of the information I am...
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    Sigma 28-70mm F2.8 EX MF Nikon Mount $175???

    Would it be worth it? Personal opinions please as I am finding very mixed review when I google Thanks in advance
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    Now I lay me down to sleep (Edmonton)

    Does anyone know if there is a organization like this in Edmonton? A friend has given birth to a full term angel last night (her heart stopped beating during labour) and I would like to offer this as an option to them if they would like. Please let me know if you have any information. The...
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    Great wedding guests as "photographers" blog post

    I hope posting this was ok, I thought it was too good not to share :) Wedding Day Etiquette: A Guest’s Guide To Wedding Photography (Five Simple Rules) | beyond the well | BLOG
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    In home shoots

    What do you take with you when doing an in home shoot? (Family, maternity, child /infant and/ or boudoir) Do you have a portable back drop system/ props / lighting ect. or do you tend to work with what is available.
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    Apart from overhead an operating expenses how o you value your time ( cash wise) when setting your rates? Do you cringe when you see someone who has significantly under value their time? Assuming they have no overhead or none at least that they have factored in Do you view them as competition...
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    Pleased with my find :)

    but interested in hearing opinions on the lenses... The story... Was browsing the local kijiji tonight and found a fellow selling a couple of lenses and a film body for $75 and as the boyfriend has been bugging me to get something with a little bit of reach I decided to call the guy and find...
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    Drives me nuts... (sorry, bit of a rant)

    Sorry, wasn't rantish to start off with How friends look at my photos and say that they are great, ect... I KNOW that they aren't :( All I see is faults :( Everything from exposure to composition, it all looks so wrong to me. I'm learning and getting better each time I sit down with the...
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    Lightroom Tutorials Please

    I had a really great link and I've lost it... Anyone know any good sites/ links?
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    Sigma flash?

    This flash was suggested to me by a friend who does professional photography because I'm on a tight budget right now? Sigma EF-530 DG Super - Nikon | Anyone have any experience with it? I'm just getting to the point that I'm wanting to play with flashes. Guessing strobist...
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    Photo labs

    Looking for info on reputable photo labs? Prefer local to me, Edmonton Alberta... but what do you recommend online. I'm going to check out mpix ( I remember seeing somewhere that they are good) What else might I need to know if I'm ordering from Canada... Does anyone know if I would need to...
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    A friend owns a tattoo shop and has been doing his own photos. In the tattoo "contract" he has a clause about a release for using pictures in his portfolio and for advertising. He approached me about doing some photos for his shop and I am wondering if I would need to get a separate release...
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    SB 600 ?

    Secondhand? What would I need to check/ look for before purchasing it. Found one for $150, good deal? I wasn't planning on getting one for a while but I will be spending a few weeks with a friend who is willing to teach me about flashes if I get one so it's the whole opportunity thing
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    Studio space

    Ooops... wrong spot can I get this moved to the discussion section Wondering about how much space a portrait studio takes? I love dabbling in photography, pictures of my daughter and friends kids, dogs/animals. We are currently renovating the house (no walls downstairs right now) and OH wants...