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    Katie - 12.24.10 - First try at a model shoot

    Sorry about the photo overload, I'm just wanting as much feedback as possible in general and if you can give some C&C, that'd be much appreciated on a few! Went out the day before Christmas with a friend who has been modeling and doing pageants since she could practically walk, so I figured...
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    Question about winter and models

    One of my friend's little sisters (she's 21 or 22 now) is a model/beauty pageant type of girl, and I thought it would be fun to go out and shoot some winter shots with her So, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for a winter sort of feel modeling shoot everything will be outside, so i'm...
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    FS: Vivitar Flash

    Well I just haven't used the flash much at all, I've been doing lots of natural light photos and haven't used the flash as much as I thought when I originally purchased it! I bought it in the summer of 2008 from I have the original box and manual at my parents house stowed away and...
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    WTB - Nikkor 105 f/2.8 AF Micro

    I know it's a long shot sometimes, I see them pop up quite a bit, but I usually JUST miss the purchase. Since I've seen them on here so often, I know the average asking price, so feel free to PM me with what you have. Some of the questions I'll have (so please include in the PM) are... 1)...
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    Need Ideas for anniversary party pics

    So, a friend's friend, wants me to come take pictures at her parents' surprise anniversary party. Any ideas for pictures? I don't want them to just look like snapshots, but I'm not exactly sure what else to take other than posed family shots (should be about 20 people there) and pictures of...
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    Nikkor 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 Lens + Extras

    Up for sale is my Nikkor 18-135 mm lens It's done well for me in the past but now I'm wanting to add to my f/2.8 collection with a 35-70 or 24-70 :) I have a CP, 6-star and the Macro Step up collection (+1,+2,+4,+10 I believe) So if you're interested PM me, not sure how many people on here...
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    One B&W Car shot

    Decided to try a new place, it's sort of like an alley way and it's hard to get the light right without it being harsh, I think i may try to spot again this weekend... none the less here's the car in wintermode I also had to darken the wall on the left, it's white, it was in the direct sun...
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    Need some ideas for an upcoming SPECIAL Maternity shot

    So my wife's best friend is pregnant, who happens to be married to my best friend lol So, my friend is Joseph Franklin the Third (we call him Trey... for the number 3 obviously) his dad is J F Jr and his Grandpa is the first (no longer living) So they are having their first child, who will be...
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    Nikon D40x body and maybe a lens

    Well I haven't used my D40x since I bought my D80 almost a year ago lol, so I guess I might as well sell it to put some cash towards a new lens :) Camera Body: Nikon D40x Accessories: I'll include 2 Nikon batteries for this camera Battery Charger USB Cord Original Box (I think it's at my...
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    Need advice on 9mo old pictures

    I usually scan flickr and a few local photographers, but I'm not finding exactly what I want My sister-in-law is coming down this weekend and wants me to take some pictures of my niece who is 9.5 months old We're going to be taking the pictures inside, we are either going to use a white...
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    Door HDR's

    So I was walking around downtown and I suddenly became interested in some neat doors that were around, I didn't want to "overcook" the pictures but the texture of rust or years and years of wear was very interesting to me! :) I'm fairly new to "HDR" so C&C appreciated 1. 2. 3.
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    First try at some outdoor/nature shots C&C me!

    Well I've been intrigued recently by some shots/paintings that I've seen in art galleries and I decided I'd give it a try and have some fun yes some are "out of focus" and I am pleased with what I ended up seeing, but what do YOU think lol, i'm sure some will think they're absolute crap, but it...
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    Modded Cactus V2s problem/question

    So, I bought a vivtar 285 flash and A cactus Transmitter and 2 receivers about a year or so ago, they didn't work for anything and I stumbled upon the "mod" with the 433 hz 1/4 wave whip antenna, so I finally figured I'd try to get it to work. I did the mod, used 6.8" of 18 gauge wire and the...
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    Another Winter Maternit Set for C&C

    My wife and I went to visit some friends and I had my camera and a few lenses so we went out to a park for a very cold and quick bunch of shots... Nikon D80 Nikkor 80-200 f/2.8 Occasional SB-600 for fill (First time using it...) C&C Much appreciated 7* makes your hands start to shake really...
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    Finally got my 80-200, so I need some advice

    I was excited to go try out my new Nikon 80-200mm f/2.8 even though it was 31 degrees outside! I wanted to get a good shot of my hometown's decorations on a downtown street and a pic of my car I know the downtown picture would be better if I got rid of the powerlines, but, one of my...
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    Need some C&C on my pics of my neice

    It was very spur of the moment pics, had my camera, my sister in law and her daughter came to visit, so I took some pics of her, she' definitely a cutie, so I couldn't help but take some pics, so C&C is greatly appreciated... Nikon D80 50mm f/1.8 Thanks! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
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    New to the site, just want to say hey!

    Hey how's it going, I'm new to the forum, I've been in the SLR world for almost 2 years and taking pictures casually for quite a while, just now starting to get a little more serious about it and enjoy the camera more! :) I'm from Southeast Missouri and have a small gear collection Body...