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    Feet give a perspective that's usually overlooked by most photographers but can say a lot about where you are and what you're doing. I learned the importance of taking the shots that most people wouldn't see or think to shoot, from an artist's gallery I used to frequent when I was attending high...
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    Lowell, MA

    I moved here recently and I'm looking for people to do stuff with! If you're new too, let's explore the city. If you're from here, maybe you can show me some points of interest, favorite shooting locations, or the best place to get a beer. I shoot mostly architecture, landscape and technical...
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    Old Farm

    Old farm, anywhere, USA.
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    Internet service?

    I am looking for some perspective/advice regarding internet service. I recently purchased a Virgin Mobile wireless hotspot and for $35 I get to use 10 GB of data transfer, at what I was told should be 3-6 Mbps, on the 3G/4G network, after which the transfer rate is limited to approximately 2...
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    New apartment; cleaning questions

    So, I just moved. My kitchen has laminate floor tiles and the high traffic areas are stained a pretty nasty brown/yellow color, gross. I have never dealt with laminate (because it sucks) and was wondering if its possible to get the stains out. I have a monthly lease and so far I am happy wih the...
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    f/5.6, 1/800, ISO 100, @ 60mm Hi guys, I was hiking near Lima, Montana when I saw this pile of logs. I shot this because I thought it was an interesting composition of something that is otherwise boring. I find the frequency of shapes and textures very interesting, however, I think the shadows...
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    Can I use my phones web browser through my computer?

    I have an iPhone 4 and use the safari browser that came installed. While I'm waiting for my Internet to be installed (anywhere from 1-2 weeks) I thought it would be convenient to be able to use the Internet PC or laptops which both run windows XP with service pack two. When my phone is connected...
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    Have you ever been robbed?

    I was wondering if anybody here has been robbed while out shooting, in no particular setting and how you have/plan on dealing with the siuation.
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    Greetings, from MA

    Forums/communities are a great resource. I would like to learn more about exposure and composition, as well as hardware; aspect ratio, the different setting on my camera (I know only the very basic functions despite reading much of the owner's manual), etc. I have spent considerable time...