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    Fort Nepean

    500px / Photo "Point Nepean" by Matthew Hahnel Please let me know what you think :)
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    Rough Seas - Cape Shanck

    500px / Photo "Rough Seas - Cape Shanck" by Matthew Hahnel Can I please get some feedback on this one guys? :) Improvements/What you like about it.
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    Switching from crop-senson (600D) to 5D Mark II, need lens help.

    Hey guys, I'm going to be selling my 600D and moving to a 5D Mark II.. thus I'll need to be changing some lenses. I'm heading over to the USA and Canada in Summer for a few month to visit all the awesome national parks, and I need to have my camera bag sorted by then. My passion is landscape...
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    Prices of 5D Mark II in USA?

    Hey everyone, I'm heading to the USA and Canada for a few months in June to hit up all the awesome national parks and I'm tossing up whether to buy a 5D Mark II here in Aus used (can get one in good condition with relatively low shutter count for about $1700), or buy a new one when I arrive in...
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    SD Card question

    Hey everyone, heading overseas soon and need a few new SD cards so I have plenty of storage. I will be able to back up my photos once every 2-3 days I'd imagine. Would these be a good card to use? eBay Australia: Buy new & used fashion, electronics & home d I was thinking of getting 2-3 of...
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    Professional photographers - props/wardrobe.

    Hey everyone, I'm interested to hear from the pros exactly how you all acquire props/wardrobe for photoshoots? I have been viewing many photographers shots, and seen them with various props and different costumes that I wonder how on earth they have such a variety of things (in my head I'm...
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    Single EX430 lighting setup (for now).

    Hey everyone.. I'm interested in setting up a basic studio photography space. I'm wondering how I can best take advantage of my current gear (a single EX430), and what I should get to get the most out of it? I was thinking maybe a white umbrella for the EX430, a reflector and stand for it so it...
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    Evening at the beach.

    What do you think? I'm not entirely happy with the composition, and the sunset wasn't great that night.. but I still think it came out OK.
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    Panorama - Which is better and how to improve?

    Hey guys, would love some input on which of these two panoramas you think is nicer? The only change between the two is a slight hue/sat adjustment. Also any recommendations on how to improve the shot? I would love if the whiter part of the sky was nicer, but I didn't have a GND on me.
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    C&C these photos?

    Hey everyone :) Finished up editing a few photos that I took a couple of days ago. Would love some critique and comments to see if I'm heading in the right direction. I think it would be very helpful! Next time I come back, I'll be moving further up this concrete jetty as I decided it...
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    C&C? Landscape content.

    Hi all! Pretty excited. Got back from my first real "photography outing". Anxcious to see the fruits of my labor, I popped in the camera, chose a picture and did a little editing. This was the result: Goodnight.. | Flickr - Photo Sharing! I would love any comments, be it postive or negative...
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    Help me choose a graduated ND filter kit.

    Hi all, I'm big into landscape photography and have been struggling with properly exposed land, but blown out skies. I know a graduated ND filter will help me with this. I'm looking for recommendations on a good graduated ND filter setup, preferably under $100 if possible. Any suggestions? I...
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    First shots for C&C.

    Hey all, I'm just beginning and was looking for any tips that I could use to improve these shots and myself as a photographer. This is my first shot at manual focusing, everything seems to be focused OK. First off, I'd like your comments on these two variations if possible? My quick...
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    Canada/USA holiday 2012. Need DSLR recommendations for nature photos/video.

    Hey guys, so my partner and I are heading to the US and Canada for 3 months in June next year. We'll be going to places such as Crater Lake, Acadia, Moraine/Lake Louise (my dream!), Yosemite, Yellowstone, Glacier, Waterton etc. I want a relatively cheap (sub $1000) DSLR camera that is excellent...