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    Please help me recomend a point and shoot

    I have been helping local animal shelters take better photos of their pets to increase adoptions. I was asked recently by a state organization to give a workshop, and during the workshop many of these shelters seemed to have camera problems. They have junky point and shoots that are not suited...
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    What am I doing wrong when I save?

    I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. What process do you follow when saving an image? I am using Adobe Photoshop CS3. I'm trying to figure it out but uggh. When I upload my images they become desaturated and flat. I am saving them at the highest image quality I can. TIA!
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    Hey studio gurus... what would you do (Help!)

    Alright everyone, here is the deal.. I volunteer very often at my favorite (<3) animal shelter doing their pictures... I got the idea in my head to start doing some killer photos of the long timers and putting them up on the wall to attract attention. Low and behold three cats that had been...
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    Frustrated with color, C&C please...

    I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, so if you have any ideas, please, shout from the roof tops. I've tried upping the saturation, but all it seems to do is make them seem red... I'm going to try a few actions I just bought, but I havn't recieved them yet... I see so many photographers who have...
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    Some portraits. C&C please!

    1. self portrait. 2. my fiance's little stepsister. 3. i had the sun right in her face.. poor girl 4. my four legged child (with a chimnea growing out of his face. oi) i'm working with my outdoor lighting, so i'd love any tips. i'm going to start practicing with a reflector next week.
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    New to the forums and what am I doing wrong!?

    Hello all! WOW what a GIFT these forum are! I've been searching the archives and already found a new lens I'm thinking of buying (the 50mm 1.8 which I've heard is a GEM in many threads and in many online reviews) and have gotten lots of tips from reading other peoples threads. But...