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  1. JDB1911


    Very few things I have patience for, but this is worth four minutes :icon_bounce:
  2. JDB1911

    Glad to be a guy

    Is it just me? I'm so glad I don't have to spend time on stuff like this!
  3. JDB1911

    24-70F4 or 24-105F4??

    Since I am making the switch to full frame, the efs lenses have to go! Or maybe just stay on the crop factor body for backups. Either way, I am having a very difficult time finding any real head to head details that will help me decide between the two. They are the same price, they have the same...
  4. JDB1911

    Crossing the goal line

    Proud uncle here!
  5. JDB1911

    No avatar still

    I have been trying to add an avatar. When I select the photo I want to use, there is a little circle that appears to be loading in the corner of the browser. I can't click ok though to set it. I tried waiting for five minutes or so to see if it was still loading.... HELP!
  6. JDB1911

    So I think it's time for a new body

    What I am currently using: -Canon 50D -new to me old version(push/pull zoom) Canon EF100-400mm -the new EF50mm STM -a quantaray 28-90 with macro switch -EFS 18-135mm (I understand this may not work) -Speedlite 430 I am looking for something that has a full frame sensor, that will also have less...
  7. JDB1911

    First submission

    As the title implies, this is my first submission. I wasn't excited about the cloudy sky waiting for the sun to rise, but I think it made for a great effect.
  8. JDB1911

    Good afternoon

    My name is Jeff and I have been shooting on and off as a hobby for around fifteen years now. I have gotten back into it recently and am going to make strides to develop myself into more than a hobbyist. I am currently shooting with a Canon 50D and have a few canon lenses (one L), a speedlite...