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    Selling Canon EOS Rebel T2i 550D /w Canon 18-55mm IS EF-S Lens [Paypal only]

    *Only take paypal* MyPrice:$375 RetailPrice:$500 I am selling my Canon EOS Rebel T2i to earn some money to buy a MacBook iv'e wanted for a while and need to sell a couple of old stuff I don't use no more. The camera is in good condition. I used the canon 2 year's ago so it is not that used...
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    Hello World!

    Hello folks my name is mike. I have been taking pictures 3 year's ago hopefully I can share some with you all in the near future and see what your thought's are on them. Also you may ask why is your name raygunboost? The answer is because ever sense I got into gaming I alway's loved getting the...